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Ok, I’m sure that at least a good swimmer is reading T-mag, so this is my question: what would be a good web site to improve knowledge, learn advanced technique etc… about swimming? I’ve choosen to swim as my GPP activity, and it seems to work good, but I would like to find the “T-magazine” of swimming world, if you understand what I mean.
Thanks for helping, anyway.

I probably couldn’t do much more than a Yahoo search to give you any swimming only sites. As an ex-triathlete, swimming was one of the disciplines I worked HARD at (by far the most technique demanding of the three). There’s a lot of people who swear by Total Immersion, but there’s some controversy as well. There’s some good discussion on the Tri-Newbies Online site (www.trinewbies.com/), especially in the forum section. Also, some coaches frequent the forum. If you have some specific technique questions, I may be able to answer them for you.

Brider, how does the pec minor contribute to half of the freestyle swimming stroke?

I have been a competitive swimmer and Navy SEAL for years and without a doubt Terry Laughlin’s “Total Immersion” techniques are truly revolutionary. We have adopted his philosophy and now teach it to all who go to BUD/s (SEAL school/training). His basic philosophy is to become more “fish-like” in the water. Alexander Popov, the former world record holder in the 50 and 100 free is the best example of Total Immersion swimming. In 1992 when the Russian Rocket dethroned Matt Biondi as the worlds fastest swimmer, he did it by taking TWO FEWER STROKES!!! This is truly mind-boggling and flew in the face of all swimming theories until Popov demonstrated its effectiveness. Go to www.totalimmersion.net and just begin to READ, READ, READ! Before long, you too may be able to know what it is like to experience “zen-like” swimming.