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Swimming to Relax & Bodybuilding

This is a weird question but I could use some feed back. I’ve been taking an evening swim on a lake near my place about every day for two weeks. It takes alot out of me, but I sleep great. I do this to relax thinking the deep sleep and the weight off the joints could help my bodybuildng.

But it also sucks up calories, the water is cold and it definitly isn’t muscle building kind of activity. Could the swim atrophy my muscles or do I have nothing to worry about.

Just look at swimmers, they all looks great, that’s obviously because they swim a lot. Of course it “sucks up” calories but U can simple eat more (especially after swim) and remember that this calories aren’t waste!..

Good, deep sleep is something important,so if this really help you to sleep then good for you…

And I think that cold water in that kind isn’t bad, it’s fuckin myth I think. Maybe hot shower after will be good, it’ll high your blood pressure etc. and it can be useful…

look out for leeches?

sorry for the late reply, okay thanks for the advice the swimming stays than. It’s a man made lake that is stocked with fish, no leeches, only a ton of these under water snail things. btw the swimming combined with circumin 2000 has made me like soreness immune its awesome.

I believe two of my biggest setbacks are stress and sleep. If swimming helps you alleviate those, then by all means go for it.