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Swimming Routine


Im a boxer and looking to get some work in the pool. Anyone have any cool conditioning or performance routines I can look into?

So far Ive picked up swimming w arms only (no leg kick) to condition the shoulders and arms.
Still not sure on distnce or sets etc. thanx for any help


There are lots of fun techniques you can do.

Fist swimming (swimming with your hands closed in fists)

kicking drills with a kickboard

"tarzan swimming" where you swim with your head up out of the water

swim with a pair of jeans on

tread water with your hands out of the water

You can learn other strokes besides "freestyle"

Distance is really up to you and what you are trying to accomplish.


@doubleduce thanks bro, I really have no idea wut Im doing in there lol. Ill play around with it, mostly for conditioning


Something Chris Brennan (old school MMAist) recommended was to get in the shallow end of the pool, and shadow box. He felt the added resistance of the water helped with conditioning, without sacrificing form by overlaoding the movements.

Other ideas for conditioning:

As long as you are a decent swimmer, there are a lot of things you can do to increase the effect.

Try swimming with a full sweat suit on. Another thing I have done before (it really sucks), is to wear a sweat suit, and swim holding the center of a towel in each hand.

Try hypoxic swimming, but ONLY if you have a friend or someone there to watch you. Hypoxic swimming: swim using whatever stroke you want, but you pick a number, and only breathe every so many strokes, ie, for a two, you would breathe every other stroke. Once you get used to the idea of it, try pyramids. Start at breathing normal, then go to 2, then 3, etc, stopping short of blacking out. LET ME REPEAT: YOU WILL FEEL SHORT OF BREATH (CONSIDERABLY), BUT IF YOU START TO FEEL LIGHT-HEADED OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, STOP. When swimming, always err on the side of caution, and like I said, if you try this out, take a partner with you for safety. Shallow water blackout is a killer.

That said, you will learn you can work harder than yourealize when you feel out of breath.




What about these things for conditioning?


I have a pool at home and am wondering if they are any good to replace having to go to the olympic pool to do laps?