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Swimming Post Gym

Ok Iv’e been training/eating seriously for over four years now, hover round 190 at 5’10, anyway just changed gyms and they have a 40 metre pool, at the weekend i did about 25 lengths after my chest/tris workout. It felt great and was nice to stretch out etc. As recently i have been waking up in the morning sooo stiff
(no not down there :wink: ) & feeling very achey.
Will Swimming post gym be detrimental to the weights i just did? Is it best to keep swim days separate? (If so it means i’ll have to be down the gym every day!!) Also any of you swim fans out there have any tips for getting the most out of my swim? Bomber

Depends what you consider “the most out of” your swim. Is this in terms of endurance, active recovery, etc? In general, if you aren’t a very experienced swimmer I wouldn’t try anything complex (ie butterfly).

I’ll leave it up to the other guys to address the detrimental effects.

Guess what i mean by ‘getting the most out of it’ is burning the most calories whlist in there. I’m pretty happy with the muscle mass i have now and really just want to maintain that whilst keeping lean.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but when I used to spar, I liked to swim the next morning. It got rid of that beat up feeling.

If you are asking, is going to make you skinny, I don’t think so.

You are supposed to do your cardio after your weight workout. Think of it as the cardio portion of your workout.


Swimming is great for stretching out after a work-out and to get the lactic acid out. if your wanting to get a good work-out from the swim I’ve found it’s best to swim everyother day and not right after the weights. The muscles are usually too fatigued to do a hard swim.

Hmm that makes sense, cheers

If your goals are to relax/rehabilitate your muscles then I’d say go for it, if on the other hand you are trying to get really lean then I would stay away from swimming as your primary cardio activity. The University of Southern California published a study which found that swimming is unlike other cardio activities in that it doesn’t result in a significant loss of body fat when compared to land based cardio.

Thanks for that - ok going to try and squeeze in a couple of post gym swims for just stretch and relaxation. Bomber

For our team we lift in the mornings three days a week and swim everyday but Sunday, and I am certain the swimming lessens the soreness, because even after a very hard day of lifting I am in a comfortable range, but I still feel like I accomplished something.