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Swimming on an Off Day?

Easy enough question. Can swimming on an off day or maybe after a hard workout help? Im 24 and just starting out.(again, haven’t lifted for real since high school) I was always of the opinion that swimming would help me not be as swore the next day or that if I swam on my off day (not to much) just to get the heart rate up and blood flowing that it would help me b/c it works the hole body. Is this wrong? Dose it help? Or dose it really not matter?

Yes, you should do some activity on your off days. It does aid in recovery. You should do something you enjoy and have fun with it. It does matter. There are benefits on a number of levels.

yes…just be careful with your intensity and form. Very easy to pound away the shoulder muscle when swimming.

I’m glad someone asked this.

I’ve been thinking of swimming for an hour or two on my off days to aid recovery and loss of body fat.

Think it’ll work?


Studies have shown that swimming is less than an optimal way to train when trying to lose body fat but I believe it is an excellent way to include an additional “athletic” element into your training. Swimming is basically a no impact exercise which gives your joints a break but it also consists of long movements that help to assist in developing some functional flexibility. Just remember that you are using this as a recovery method and not a primary training tool. Excessive training in this area will probably have a negative effect on the rest of your gains in the weightroom.

thanks for the detailed info. Think two, 1 hour sessions a week would supp my program nicely.