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Swimming In Cold Water

When i was in the south i go to swimming in the sea, when the water was about 10 degree, and i am now in a another city where is more cold, i will try to continu this things, i like the feeling of cold water. Just if u have so good articles for not die when the water will be really cold x) or how did u progress steps by steps, if someone do that in this forum, maybe he can give me some good advice and so on, soon the winter will start, for the moment is hard but i think is ok, i will go tomorrow and try every saturday

Wear a wetsuit.

Without anything, it is to easy if i take that aha

I wanted to start a thread about this a couple of weeks back.

I’m an avid swimmer but I never swam year-round in open water. This year, due to the pandemic and the inability to engage in other athletic pursuits I’ve decided to try swimming year-round in the sea.

I have to say it’s addictive. I’ve never quite understood the appeal before - seeing the Polar Bear Club at Staten Island in December was very mystifying to me. But now I have to say that there’s definitely something strangely appealing in braving the elements and swimming under adverse weather conditions - in other words when it’s freakin’ cold.

As @Californiagrown said, invest in a wetsuit. That way you’ll still get a kick out of cold weather without losing heat too quickly. You can start with a 3mm neoprene if you’re really adventurous or a short one but then your limbs will suffer disproportionately.

I like to assume that everyone who’s on this site lifts - so Ross Edgley is your man for tips and advice. Lots of stuff on his YT channel.

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Thank man ! Maybe it is good to start with a wetsuit in the begining, i will try to find a cheap one
Yeah that can be addictive, when is cold i disconnect more easy, and when i finish to swimming im feel really peaceful, gym dont take of my “nerves”, I don’t feel that after gym, i can dead but swimming make me really relaxed lot

Ross Edgley with Eddie Hall. It’s an entertaining video first and foremost, but Ross gives many useful tips for cold water swimming throughout.

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Thank i will look all of the things that u send me and look soon for a wetsuit, i really believe that swimming it is one of the best cardio and so on for the gym, because that make also relax muscular and head, when u run it is not so good for the body and only swimming is also bad for the body, but the combinaison gym and swim are the best

There is a clothing-optional resort in North Georgia (so I have heard), that has a mid-February Polar Plunge. It involves swimming naked in the pool from one end to the other. If successful, one will receive a thick terry cloth robe, with embroidered logo of said resort. Men and women that have done this say the initial cold shock tends to disorient them. Some have done it after large quantities of alcohol, so I would suppose that drinking will act as an anti-freeze. To each their own.

Drinking might blunt the sensation of being cold, but it is counter intuitive and actually makes you colder.

Not smart in a survival situation, but a great idea if you just need to deal with ice water for a bit before hopping back into a nice warm swim parka or sauna haha.

One of the great pleasures in my life has been at the end of long hot days backpacking to be able to jump into a clear ice cold lake a the bottom of a snow covered cirque. Damn refreshing and feels great on beatup joints.

I realize that, but just had to throw that in. I remember watching a Monday Night Football game, where the fans were shirtless in some crazy cold weather, where OJ Simpson, who was with the ABC crew that night, made the remark about the fans. How the must have ingested their own anti-freeze (alcohol). BTW, I have seen many good running backs over the years, but OJ was one of the best for a several-year period (non-sequitur, I know).

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!

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