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Swimming, I Sink Like an Anchor


I sink like an anchor when I get in a pool. no matter how hard I kick and stroke I can't stay afloat. only help is when I wear flippers.
Some say it's because high muscle mass decreases buoyancy.
any other lifters experience this?


Yeah, whenever I'm bumming around in a pool my friends have no problem just laying on their backs and floating. I on the other hand can float if I have a full breath held in...the second I breathe out, I'm like a stone


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take a swimming class, not really sure what to tell you. I've been in the water since I was in diapers so it's second nature for me. You're not going to float unless you're moving your arms and legs. It's also not about kicking/stroking hard to stay afloat, try kicking your feet like riding a bicycle and thrust your arms under water so that you are pushing down on the water.

best I can describe for ya through a forum

edit- not going to float assuming you're not in a prone/supine position


When I was much younger I was able to float with no problems. Since weight training, I can't do it.


It's almost entirely bone weight vs fat weight, rather than muscle being a factor, as muscle tissue has density almost the same as water.

Basically you are leaner than the floaters.


Not me man I'm like fucking flipper. I can even leap out of the water all high up in the air and do tricks and shit.


I was shocked last summer, when I attempted to do the dead man's float, that my legs sink like stones. I don't remember how the back float went...I'm thinking not well.


lol im like free willy but i can still drive under and swim for a distance under water without floating to the surface. Ive liked to swim since I can remember and never have any problems lol


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seriously tho i think its more to it than just swimming lessons. some people are more buoyant than others and weight training has an effect on how the body moves in water.


Oh, I agree, but if you're "kicking and waving your arms hard" and you're not staying above water, then you could benefit from swimming lessons, or at least changing your method.


Same here. Dead weight.


I knew a guy who could float head out of water in a flight suit, boots, and a heavy ass survival vest. No kicking or anything.


yeah, I bet the shallow end is a real bitch to doggie paddle in :smiley:


I took a scuba diving class, and I was the only 1 out of about 20 who didnt need weights to sink.. I can keep my upper body to stay afloat when laying on my back, but my legs dont have any fat, and act like a damn anchor and take me down..


maybe. but it's not like you shouldn't be able to swim.

i easily pass the army's CWST (combat water survival test) which also includes swimming the length of the pool in full uniform, LBE, and boots, while keeping the muzzle of the rifle out of the water.


Where ya wata wings?


Yeah I sink too, Cant float on my back or anything.


If i swim, I'm Ok. If I stop, even if I take the biggest breath ever, I sink like a rock. There's no way I float.


Damn, and here I was all impressed with keeping my head out of the water for 4 min with my hands above my head. (In salt water.)

OP, you could salt up your pool. That would help.

I used to float in the pool pretty easy when I was chubby, but since I've put some mass on, I sink. I'd probably have a hard time doing the dead mans float for longer than 2 or so hours.

...Not that I'd try, either.


Oh, and they're called "fins," not flippers. :wink:

That said, you should be able to tread water while using your arms and hands.