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Swimming for Fat Loss?

ok so i just threw up some pics and wrote a little about my situation, but pics are small and crappy, so ill just ask a question.

ive got some fat that i want to lose NOW! my diet isnt great compared to a lot of nutrition plans ive been looking at. i do avoid sugars pretty good, and mostly only take in simple sugars after my workout, or earlier in the day, but i am thinking that ill have to get rid of them earlier in the day as well.

so last week i started throwing in 20 minute treadmill walks with the incline set to 15, speed between 3.4-3.7. i also have a pool and figured that as long as its there, i might as well have a little more fun with the fat loss. so the past few days i have been doing 20-30 minutes in the pool swimming and doing various movements (for example, arms straight down at my sides, raise them out to my sides as if im doing a side lateral raise, while at the same time raising my knees to my chest, then reversing the movement to bring myself back to the starting position).

i am also swimming…basically, for the 20-30 minutes, i am constantly moving, which is moreso my goal rather than getting this muscle pumped or that one or whatever…although arms/shoulders/back, etc are getting pumped with the moves that im doing. so this will help right?

also, i usually work out at night starting somewhere between 5-9pm, depending on when i get home from work. are the carbs im taking in PWO going to be more inclined to be stored as fat because of the fact that im basically throwing them in, and going to bed within a couple hours? and if my creatine has 75g carbs in it, should i be counting this in my 100g’s or so of carbs PWO?

lots of questions, sorry…and thanks!