Swimming and Steroids

i’ve used the search function and pretty much suck at the interweb. in the event that this topic has been discussed please link me in the right direction.

let me preface this with the fact that in my 23 years i’ve dabbled a time or two with juice. a few test only cycles and most recently a d-bol and deca stack in the summer of 2005. not that i’m a total know it all or a rookie biatch. the thing is that i’ve realized now that i’m more pleased with a leaner 215 on my 6’1" frame then the muscle head i was in my earlier 20’s (females also seem to share my enthusiasm for a solid 6 pack). however, now and then i get the urge to succumb to my adolescent desires and maybe pack on just a little more bulk while maintaining, if not improving on my bodyfat %.

here’s the thing. a freak intramural accident last spring made me give up running for a while because of a bum knee. because my punkass girlfriend at the time was on the swim team at my school, i picked up the activity and soon got addicted (any swimmers out there can vouch for me when i say that it is hard to get away from). my knee healed and me and my banana hammock still make our way into the pool for a solid 45 minutes 5 mornings a week. also, i lift 6 evenings a week. law school doesn’t leave much time for extra curriculars and most of my classmates are nerds, so i’ve more or less taken refuge at our student rec center.

here’s my question. i’ve talked around to a few good and a few bad sources about the chances of my heart pounding out of my chest if i cycle and swim. i’ve got ahold of some winny and was wondering if it’s ok to keep my routine and whether or not i should stack it with something at all. i don’t think folks usually get that much mass with the stan. any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should wait at least 45 minutes, after using steroids, to swim.

ha… my mama used to offer a bit of advice that went something to the tune of that.


All I know is I use to be a good swimmer, then I gained like 70 lbs of muscle and now sink like a rock!

[quote]WilliamH.Bonney wrote:
You should wait at least 45 minutes, after using steroids, to swim.[/quote]


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I would try to offer some advice, but I’m not really sure what you are asking.

Something about your heart pounding out of your chest…

If you can be more specific, then perhaps we can offer specific answers.


well, i guess as a sort of noob, i was wondering whether or not there is such thing as too much cardio while cycling. i’ve had this explained to me in elementary terms… if steroids make your muscles bigger, and your heart is a muscle, is too much cardio, which makes your heart pump a lot, going to have detrimental consequences.

sorry i wasn’t more specific earlier. thanks for your help.

Studies I have seen have not been able to determine a difference between athletes’ heart in natural trained athletes, and trained athletes using AAS, so I would think you wouldn’t have more of a problem because of the AAS use.

Read that article on here:
T and your Ticker I think it is called.