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Swimming and Heart Health

With the new research that shows benefits of strength training for heart health versus aerobic training-would it make sense that swimming could lead to benefits as both types of training?

I don’t understand the question

I mean does swimming offer the same sorts of benefits to heart health as strength training since there is a resistance component?

Depends on the style of swimming, swimming that heavily taxes both aerobic and anaerobic capacities will lead to adaptations regarding both eccentric and concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.

Lung capacity will be increased regardless of the variant of swimming you choose, seriously it’s a tough fucking sport… good luck

yeah swimming great for general health + cardio

Interesting. So to develop this sort of dual adaption would probably be more like shorter more intense intervals?

That or alternate intervals like

Swim 50 m as fast as possible
Swim 200 m very slowly

Other methods like 3-400m swims incooroerare both systems, similarly to a 4-800m all out run.