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Swimming and Getting Bigger


Ok, I'm like real small, 130lb... but real fast at swimming, 54.64 100 free, and 1.05.12 100 breast, if you swim you know thats fast.

i got 5th in states for my 100 breast last year AS A FRESHMEN, I want to get bigger, what weight lifting exercises should i do to make me faster, and bigger i would like to get to 160-150lb by a 18 months.


Those are good times, but this is really the wrong place to be asking that question.

If you were to ask what you need to eat or what exercises you could do to build the lats you could find the info here but I doubt many people here would be able to give you sound advice in regards to swimming.


Get strong at the movements you need to be strong in swimming. Sort the movements that have carry-over to your sport. Movements such as pullovers have the same range of motion which you use for swimming.
Depending on your goals (swimming long or short tracks) you should fill in the program.
WS4SB might be something for u:


Just a stupid idea, but I wander what the effect on swimming would be when training (swimming) with a weighted vest on... a streamlined vest of course.


you'd sink, and it wouldn't do much in the first place, cause "good" swimmers try and sink their torso and float their but, it's a better stream line, and you can reach out farther.


Well, I used to swim in high school, with times very close to yours (51 for 100 free, 55 or 56 for 100 fly, 23 for a 50 free from a flat, 22 for a 50 free on a relay).

Work on doing pull-ups, dips, and rows. I can not stress enough how much weighted pull-ups and dips were able to transfer DIRECTLY over to the pool. If anything though, just eat your face off, especially in the off-season. Don't expect to look like Ronnie Coleman or anything. I mean, come December there's a good chance your strength may suck while your doing all that yardage (New Year's eve 100x100's? FUCK ME!).