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Swimming After Workout


hi, i just tried swimming after my workout as some cardio, does anyone else have any gripes about it? or does anyone feel that its any good? just need some opinions if i should switch over to more of a swimming based cardio, or stick to the bikes?? thanks


I work out in my garage when it's 110+ degrees outside, so I sweat like a pig. Right after a workout I jump in my pool to cool off and it feels great. Swimming around a little bit seems like it's a good cool down workout for my muscles as well.


Swimming is pretty much the best active recovery method there is, if I recall correctly. A light swim after a work out really eases DOMS.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it makes intuitive sense to me that you wouldn't be able to get the same intensity out of a swim that you would be able to get from a bike cardio session?


1) totally agree;

2) it depends on the individual skills and effort: whenever I try to swim as fast as I can for like 40 yards...well, it gets pretty intense (much more than a 40 yards hill sprint), but I'm a bad swimmer.


yea, after doing a few laps as fast as i can i always end up out of breath, but is that really a good indicator of the quality of a cardio session?


Heart rate is the best indicator...breath path is a sign of the former.

If you want to take up swimming as your regular form of cardio, you may want to consider purchasing a water-proof cardiometer, although I'd just go with a HIIT protocol.

After all, your heart doesn't know wether your swimming/running/riding a stationary bike; it only knows it has to pump all the blood it can, the fastet it can!


yeah, i like to do intervals like swim 4 laps as fast as i can, go slow for two then repeat... its a killer after about 4 cycles!!