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Swimming after training?


Well, not really swimming. After my workout today (meltdown training), I was smoked. I had my post-workout drink, sat down to catch my breath for a minute, then jumped in the pool. All I did was float around, but I was thinking - does the relative lower temperature of the water, 82 degrees in this case, do anything to slow down the metabolism or hinder optimal results? What about warm water like in a jacuzzi? I'm just wondering if I should maybe wait awhile next time before jumping in and what, if any, effect the temp of water - cold or warm - has on you post-workout?



You've got it backwards, if anything cool water would cause an increase in metabolism in attempt to keep body temp constant. I doubt you're going to see any noticeable effects from 80+ degree water though.


Minutae. If you'd like to swim, by all means. Don't let lifting stop you.



I can only see some relaxing swimming post-workout be helpful.

I'm planning to do this quite a bit while the weather is still warm.


Derek is right.

In fact, I like to swim after my workouts at the school's gym since it's very convenient. I just do light intensity freestyle for 5-10 minutes now. It feels great after a hard workout on the upper body.

And before you say it Patricia... it's not cardio and I'm doing it to lose fat so there! :wink:


1) You're a bitch because you have a pool

2) You're still a bitch, because you have a pool


For some more info. of the effects of the cold water immersion try checking out the "Real World Part 2" article. It is from John Berardi, David Barr, and Cassandra Forsythe's trip to the American College of Sports Medicine Annual meeting. The first section of part two covers studies of the effects of cold and hot therapy on recovery.

Might answer some questions.


in one of my muscle & fitness issues from 1993, marty ghalagher, (who had the best column there) wrote about doing laps in the pool after a heavy deadlift session for recovery.

to quote Jerry Mcguire

"the man knows"



I kinda thought that I might be bordering on "minutae", but it was just something that I was curious about. I am glad to hear that it probably has little or no effect, and I will read the article, also. Thanks guys.

And JWright - you know what really pisses me off? I coulda been a bitch 3 years ago! LOL!. Seriously, my wife wanted to get a pool, but I poo-pooed the idea. Finally gave in and got one for the kids - but now I can't get out of the damn thing! My house is going to hell cuz I just float around all day! Feels great, though. Have a great week!