Swim Your Own Race

The basics:

Height: 5’4"
Weight: 110-ish
Age: 47

Best Squat: 155 lb. raw; 225 lb. geared
Best Bench: barely any raw; 115 lb. geared
Best DL: 225 raw; 248 lb. geared
Compete: USAPL . . . hit the double digits as far as meets go

The best is yet to come!

Hey stranger!

Hey there. What’s the status on your foot and recovery?

[quote]ouroboro_s wrote:
Hey there. What’s the status on your foot and recovery?[/quote]


Whats the plan?

awesome, Snapper~

mind if I tag along?

My surgeon lifted all restrictions on Wednesday. I’m 12 weeks out from having multiple joint fusions and a plate put in my foot. It feels fantastic. So I resumed training today. Humbling.


Conventional DL

Sheered the skin off my shin on the first pull. I haven’t pulled conventional since last July. I felt more in my groove by the last set. I’m pulling both sumo and conventional right now. And may the best man win.


Had my coach call depth because I’d reverted to my old habit of squatting to the floor.

Wide-Stance GMs

Stepups to High Box with Slow Eccentric

Trying to bring my weaker leg up.

Weighted Hypers
3/12/10 (plate behind head)

Decline Situps
3/12/10 (plate behind head)


Chest to the floor on these. Pretty surprised that I could bang out this many.

I was tired. But really happy. The plan for the near future is linear progression. Plain and simple.

So your coach is calling you on “excessive depth”?

I’m glad you are training and logging.

[quote]arachne12 wrote:
So your coach is calling you on “excessive depth”?
Yep. It’s either “good” or “too deep!”

sooooo glad to have you back logging again, I’ve missed you.

Yea, let’s not get back into “too deep” squats.

[quote]kpsnap wrote:

The best is yet to come![/quote]

Absolutely! When you are just back from injury is the only time our squat numbers are comparable. I will enjoy this for the (extremely) short time it lasts.

Yea, you poor thing, squat TOO deep, ha!

Glad to see your back in action!

Yippy!!! Snaps back!!!

[quote]kpsnap wrote:

The best is yet to come![/quote]

HOORAY! :smiley:

:slight_smile: Nice push ups too!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely want to stay away from those “too deep” squats. makes the rest of us look bad.

I need some adventure, guess I’ll to have follow along.

glad you are back!

Another “good to see you back training” post. How’s the coach doing?


New journal? Good deadlift it seems, you and ouro are motivating me to get my own house in order with it.

Yay. I’m so glad to see you moving forward again. I expect big things soon.