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SWF and Surge Recovery Protocol


Hey CT, I was wondering what kind of protocol you would recommend for SWF and Surge Recovery.

I've been mixing 3 scoops SWF and drinking it starting 15 minutes prior to my workout, during my workout, and ending about 30 minutes after my workout. I was thinking about adding in Surge Recovery post workout. I know I have read some stuff on here about maybe taking the SWF pre-workout and drinking the Surge Recovery during the workout, so I was just curious.

Thanks coach.


Hopefully you won't mind if I answer, but definitely go with Surge Recovery 10 minutes prior to training. Use Surge Workout Fuel during your workout, and finish off like 5 minutes before ending. I know you've specifically mentioned these two products, but hopefully you're incorporating pure supplemental protein like MAG-10 (before/during/after training) or Grow! (after training).


A great protocol would be:
1 serving Surge Workout Fuel 30 min prior to the workout
1 serving Surge Recovery 5 min prior to the workout
1 serving Surge Workout Fuel during the workout

When trying to gain weight, consider adding 1-2 FINiBARs to that (-30min)


I am currently doing:
-40: 1 FINiBAR
-30: 1scp Surge Workout Fuel
-10: 1scp Surge Recovery
During: Hydrolysed Casein+luecine+creatine

No access to ANACONDA or MAG-10 in Australia so this is the closest I could do...btw I am on a fatloss phase. Would you advice placing the workout fuel during perhaps?

I suppose in the grand scheme of things it may not make the BIGGEST difference?



If you have those supplements, try the following instead.

-30 min. FINiBAR
-10 min. Surge Recovery
0 - Surge Workout Fuel + CH/Leucine/Creatine (mixed together and consumed during workout)


Thanks dude,
Will give it a test run!


Thanks for the responses guys. All input is welcome. I realize CT can't check in on every thread lol.
I think I'll try:
-10: 1 scoop Surge Recovery
during: 2 scoops Workout Fuel
after: 2 scoops Grow! Whey and creatine.
That look acceptable?

I did the Anaconda protocol for a while and liked it, but it's just too expensive right now so I'm looking at the Surge products.


Mix the creatine in your Surge Recovery, or have it during training with the Surge Workout Fuel. If you used the ANACONDA Protocol previously, definitely still drink 2000 mL of water (with the Nalgene bottle perhaps) to go along with the creatine absorption. Otherwise, that looks pretty solid.


@Eric: Thanks man. I'll try that with the creatine. And I do still use the big 2 liter nalgene. Those little 16oz shaker bottles just don't cut it any more lol.


Nothing to add. Very good advice.


I like your protocol. My workouts are very high volume, so I like some carbs during. But for pure bodybuilding purposes and shorter workouts I don't see a real need to have carbs during. Just make sure that you spike insulin per-workout.
I would mix the creatin with the Surge Recovery, though.


No problem, bro! My Nalgene bottle has pretty much become my baby now-lol.


Thanks man,

The last couple days I did this:
-30mins: 1 FINiBAR
-15mins: 1 Scp Surge Recovery
During: 1 Scp Surge Workout Fuel +30g CH+10g leucine etc

Workouts were AWESOME!



Just gonna take a second and give props to the T-Nation as a whole. I love being able to come here with questions and receive legitimate answers from people who know what they are talking about. Keep up the good work!