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SWF and Stomach Issues?

I have the Anaconda Protocal and I every time I use it I get an upset stomach. I follow the directions exactly so no issues there. I am just wondering if anyone has had this issue. I really want to use it but it seems counterproductive for me if it continues.

I thought about trying one scoop of the SWF to see if that helps. I have always been sensitive to creatine so that may the issue. I think its a great product I am sure my body is just reacting to it odd. Thanks

It could simply be the amount of fluid. If you’re not used to drinking a half-gallon of anything when training, that takes some getting used to. Play around with spacing it out more - drink the pre-training amount a little longer before going to the gym, have a little less during the session, and wait a while after to finish it.

Or, if you know you don’t do well with creatine, there’s no creatine monohydrate in it, but try reducing the Anaconda to just one scoop. Anaconda has a different type of creatine.

If you search back this has been a not so uncommon reaction with a few people including myself. Tried process of elimination and couldnt quite figure it out because some days I’d be fine and other days running to toilet.

I’m guessing it was too much casein hydrolysate all at once and possibly the creatine adding to it. In the end I just cut the doses in half and I’m ok 80% of the time. Even with the gastro issues I still got benefits from taking it that’s why I didn’t want to totally give it up. Been off it for awhile might order some more soon.

Thanks for the info fellas. i think tomorrow I will cut the dose in half of the Anaconda and SWF and see how I do with that.

The SWF does this to me. I have no issues at all with MAG-10 or Anaconda.
In fact, they might be the only protein supplements I’ve tried that produce no issues at all for me.

Only Anaconda gave me the explosive shits. Neither SWF or MAG-10 did that to me.