Swelling/Pain in Palm After Deadlifting

After doing heavy rack pulls a few weeks ago, I noticed a slight soreness and swelling in my right palm, between my pinky and ring finger, about an inch and a half below. I use a mixed grip, and that hand is always the one that is facing me.

It subsided a bit, but didn’t go away, and came back the next week when I did heavy deads.

It doesn’t hurt unless I make a fist or grip something tight, but I’m worried it’ll get worse and it is starting to affect my deadlift, as I can’t get as many reps as i should.

anybody ever deal with this? I really don’t want to have to start using straps.

Never heard of that type of pain, do you ever switch so right hand is facing away from you? If not now would be a good time to start. On max rep sets I alternate grip each week so the top set is different. Also alternate grip on each set regardless of ramping or same weight for multiple sets. If you have not been doing that start by giving more attention to the other grip.


i’ve had something similar to that before. i basically just assumed it was a pulled muscle in the hand. i just didnt do any heavy grip/deadlift work for a few weeks and it healed

i think i’m gonna alternate my grip, and i may start doing fat bar deads instead. Tried tose today and my palm didn’t hurt at all

I Have the same problem i was deadlifting with higher reps and a swollen knot like place appeared on my right hand its been a few days and it still hurts i tried too do pullups and i screamed and fell down it was so painfull