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Swelling in Bicep After Delt Injection


I injected 1cc of test e 350mg into my right delt Friday injection went smooth I did same procedure as normal the day after the injection my right arm had a knot in between my bicep and delt but more toward my bicep. it's not sore or anything near where I injected but on the upper part of my bicep is swollen a hard warm lump. I have heard this can be from not injecting properly and the gear moving down to the next muscle could this be the case? in the past 4 days the swelling has remained the same maybe a little smaller but not much.

I have tried to be as detailed as I could. Thanks in advance for responses.


I imagine you are correct, depending on where you inject it in the muscle, the oil can seep and pool in places you may not intend it to.

Warm the oil by running hot water over the filled syringe, be sure to inject slowly, and massage the area a little after to disperse the oil a bit more evenly.

Delts have never been a comfortable spot for me, and your test E is at a decent concentration too which can be a bit more irritating.

Just keep an eye on it; make sure it doesn't get worse and it will most likely subside.


Thanks I did read in a few forums but just wanted to double check I have used this same test from the same bottle for about 8 injections now and typically with this 350mg I have my delts swell but this is the first time its been this bad and also in a strange spot. I'm guessing its a high BA content. I think I'm just going to stick with 250mg now its not as harsh and I don't get any swelling.


I used 300mg/ml in my delt and the exact same thing happened. Only it happened in every other muscle i pinned too. High BA% from UGL Gear.