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Swelling for 5 Days After Injection

Started new cycle 2 weeks ago, I have been injecting quads and have had some pip hasn’t been bad though. But five days ago I pinned my right quad and may have not pinned enough to the side. Injection went alright But the next day I began having swelling on my knee. It’s been 5 days now and swelling hasn’t gone down much if any. No pain really except right above the knee is sore to the touch. Is also warm at this location but no redness. Pain isn’t bad. I walk for a living and it hasn’t affected me.
Anyone know what could be going on here? Should I go ahead to doctor or maybe it will pass on by? Also have had no fever or felt bad at all.

My first cycle I would get swelling like this all the time. I never went to the hospital. This cycle I switched brands and have not had an issue. I believe if you are sensitive to a certain carrier or solvent, the swelling like this can happen. It seems like a long time to be knotted up, but again, I went through it, and that was a normal length of time to be swollen. Sucked balls and I don’t miss it lol.

Thanks for the reply makes me feel better about it. I switched brands for this cycle so that may be the problem. Gonna switch to glute today and try again. If same problem arises may have to toss it out.

Never experienced that, you’re saying you pinned your quad but got a swollen knee? Bit confused

From what I have read it is possible when pinning quad for the year to leak back out of the muscle if not put deep enough or incorrectly pinned and will run down and pool around the knee. But most people complain about pain and I have hardly none

Yea dude, the swelling has traveled on me as well. A couple of delt injections resulted in grotesquely swollen biceps for a week. Go figure🤷‍♂️ To the OP, for what ot’s worth, the old brand I had used sesame oil and something else I can’t remeber as a carrier. This brand uses grape seed oil.

Ah yea I know it can leak/travel down, wonder how much he pinned?

Personally I pin 2ML in each quad after leg day every week, have always preffered in quads, I do feel it travel down occasionally if i had a diff spot, but never had it swell up at my knee or anything.

I did one time experience in early days where I pinned wrong and blocked a nerve, couldn’t walk for a whole week, was walking limp like my leg was broken lol

I’m doing 1.5ml. Normally pin glutes but started doing quads for accessibility.

I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago. Was 300mg dosed stuff. Was going to discontinue use but didnt find another brand so continued. Still getting bad pip but it’s remained local and not moved to the knee again. Knee is now totally fine

Thanks. I’m gonna keep running mine as long as nothing negative turns up