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Swelling and Infection at Injection Site Need Advice for Medication

Hi guys,
I’ve always had some time to time a bit of swelling after an injection around the belly button. It was usually hard to the touch but it would go away after a few days.

This time is different.
Yesterday on Friday, I realized that my injection site from Monday was still swollen and hard to the touch.

So I decided that I would inject my hCG around this zone and that my testosterone would be injected on the other side of the belly button.

I usually inject testosterone on one side (let’s say right) et hCG on the left, then change sides when I have to do another injection.

What happened is that instead of seeing a bit of blood coming out, I saw some brownish greyish liquid coming out of the injection point.

It reminded me of some cyst video that you can find on youtube.
It was not much, it was fluid but it was greyish.

So unfortunately, It think I have an infection and that I should get some medication asap. I can only call a doc next Monday though so it will take time before I actually have some good medication.

Would you know what kind of meds I could buy at a pharmacy to help with the swelling?

Thank you very much

Is it warm to the touch or red? (Doesn’t look red in the pic)
Those are indications of infection. Have you considered injecting somewhere else? You have given most of the reasons that guys do NOT inject where and how you do.

Sounds like an abscess is developing, go to urgent care or ER asap. You might need to drain it, and antibiotics. Start injecting your test IM. Stay away from pinning your belly for now.

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I went to a pharmacy, they gave me some antibacterial cream. It’s not warm or red to the touch. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years. I don’t know how to inject if not around the belly button.

A lot of guys on here like the deltoid. I just poke the quads. This could make it IM or shallow IM instead of Sub-Q, but most of us prefer that anyway. Either way, you need to leave the area alone for a while.

Yeah I’d leave the subQ thing alone for a bit if it were me. It’s not that much different. Either way you’re still sticking a needle in and pushing the plunger, not complicated

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Yep, this is a SubQ issue. Avoid, and move to IM \ shallow IM as others have suggested. Quads or delts.

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I just wanted to say that I stopped SubQ injections for testosterone and now do it in the glute.
Thanks for the answers