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Swelling After Injections

Been using gear on and off for the past 5 years and never had this happen to me. While taking tren/sus 1cc of each in the same syringe like I always do and a day later my arm is swollen. Also the same thing happened when I injected hgh. 1st time taking hgh in my second week and all of a sudden it has red lumps where I took the shots. Can someone explain why this is happening all of a sudden?

It looks like you tried to do subQ around your navel. 1cc is a shit load to poke just under the skin.
Get yourself some 27ga 1/2 easy touch syringes 12 bucks a 100 and divide your dose into two shots one in each lovehandle. Pullup a wad of skin and go in at a 90 degree. No sideways shit.
Good luck I hope this helps.
I honestly don’t think those are infections just too much in one local. They probably itch like hell don’t they?

Sorry guess I didnt make myself clear. Only doing 2u twice a day of hgh. And this is my 2nd week so really dont understand why now unless maybe 1 vile was bad.

I have no experience with injecting HGH. All I know is it is real expensive and if you got it cheap there a very good chance it is not HGH at all.
Let me toss this idea at you. Injecting HGH will shut your natural production down. Will it come back when you stop? I don’t think there a PCT for it.
How about you do a peptide that boosts your natural GH production?
Checkout Sermorelin and Ipamorelin they are about 30 buck each. In 3 months I raised my IGF-1 from 99 to 150.

What doses were you running of those?

i also have a moderate size red swelling in my glute from this sunday’s sustanon injection

this is the first time in 4 weeks but this was my second time self injection to glute while i was standing

i am waiting it to disappear itself

thankfully seems like getting better

Are you asking me about the peptides?
for 3 months I take 1000mcg Sermorelin + 500mcg Ipamorelin
then for 1 month I go low dose at 500mcg Sermorelin + 250mcg Ipamorelin
I use the same syringe but don’t mix them one dose in each love handle at bedtime everynight.
the 31ga 5/16" easytouch syringes are painless. In 3 months get your IGF-1 tested. This peptide is not fast acting no reason to test before 3 months. Sides effects- it can make you tired. It will also curb your appetite. The body releases its GH while you sleep this is also why you take this at bedtime. Its half life is ~ 6 hours.

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That was exactly my question thank you. Been looking into them. Def seem like something I would give a try

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