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Sweetners in Powder


I consume about protein powder and/or meal replacements about 2-3x a day. These usually have Splenda or Aspartame. Anyone else, other than me, apprehensive about consuming these sweetners day in and day out?

Any quality protein powders or meal replacments made with Stevia? (or non sweetened? Let me know your thoughts.


Personally,I try to keep away from Aspartame and splenda because I believe it's unhealthy.However,if you want to consume splenda or Aspartame thats up to you.
ON,which stands for Optimum Nutrition,(GNC sells this brand) has an all natural whey protein powder that is made with stevia.It tastes so much better than the other stuff too.
Right now I'm using"whey healthier" which gives you the benefits of raw milk and is high in both CLA and omega 3;and it tastes great.


I use ON's Natural Whey and it tastes pretty good. I usually add some olive oil and PB. I don't wanna take a risk with Splenda and I can't stand the taste of Aspartame.


Yeah,I hear ya man.Aspartame and splenda taste like crap.
Even if the stuff was good for you I think I'd rather use the spiders in my house to add some taste.Yummmy!! Haha!


Do your research, weigh the pros and cons. In my case, the ultimate criteria is go by feel - the body will not lie.

For example, even though Aspartame is a highly controversial topic, I found by trial / withdrawal / unexplainable mood swings that I was highly sensitive to it. I used to think the caffeine in Diet Pepsi was the thing that gave me the kick I needed to go through the afternoon. Boy was I surprised to learn that aspartame is classified as an excitotoxin.

Stevia - cool if you can digest it. I know I can`t, and the gas produced by gram of that stuff in my case is almost painful.

Sweeteners are cool, but eventually you can do without them. Most people would think my crushed flax powder (great protein supplement, no gluten, tons of fiber) tastes bad. I got over it rather quickly. Your mileage may differ.

So, in the end, do your homework and go by feel. :slight_smile: