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Sweeteners in Powder


I consume 2-3 shakes of protein powder/ Meal replacements each day. Any thoughts on the use of Splenda or Aspartame in these products. I'm a little apprehensive of eating these sweeteners day in / day out.

Has anyone found a protein powder, that's decent quality, sweetened with Stevia (natural sweetner)? Or not sweetened at all? Let me know your thoughts.


Google "jay robb" He has whey and egg protein flavored + unflavored. It is made with Stevia.

People take the "other" sweeteners day in and day out and dont seem to have a problem though. Supposedly Splenda is supposed to be the lesser of the "evils" but still bad........supposedly. Stevia isnt supposed to be bad at all for you. I use the jay robb stuff and like it. I get most of my protein from whole food but when I use shakes I use that stuff. On a side note I would say if you have the cash to buy Grass-fed meat as well instead of the other stuff. Just throwing that out there.


"Bad" according to whom?

Sure there are plenty of internet conspiracy theorists who make unsubstantiatd claims about Splenda and other sweeteners, and there are many times more people who take these claims as fact, but I have yet to see anything about how the quantities consumed by people through normal use (not 10 kilos worth per day) are hazardous.

Have you ever known of anyone to suffer from using an artificial sweetener? I haven't and I've been around people who drink diet sodas in higher quantities than most of drink water.

Don't worry about the boogie men.


I know a lot of people who've had very bad reactions to aspartame, most commonly headaches, increased appetite for carbs and trouble concentrating. Can't say for Splenda.


Personally i cant tolerate large quantities of aspartame it gives me headaches and makes me disoriented... it can really take alot out of me but splenda i eat by the bag full... one day i will probably die a painful death because of this but for now im not effected... splenda is a God send