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Sweetener Question

Right now I am eating oatmeal which contains maple syrup as a sweetener. I do have the option of buying just plain oatmeal and adding my own sweetener such as granulated brown sugar. My question is which of the following would be the healthiest to add (and why): honey, molasses, maple syrup, or granulated brown sugar.

Please be specific if you can. Do you guys eat plain oatmeal or do you add a sweetener to it? Thanks in advance.

honey. there is quite a bit of information supporting honey as a good sugar source.

i used to eat my oatmeal plain, but i stopped eating neo-carbs because i don’t handle them well.

I eat my oatmeal with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter stirred in. Quick addition of calories, and tastes pretty alright. I used to eat it plain.

Why do you need sweetener? If sweeteners like syrup or sugar fit into your goals (eg. not fat loss) then use all you like. If they don’t fit your nutritional plan, then why bother using them? There’s always the no cal sweetener option as well.