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Sweet Tooth Cheats

I often see cheat meals on here in the form of pizza, burgers, etc. I tend to get killed by sweet stuff.

So what is your vice? Gummies? Ice cream? Doritos? Chocolate (Especially office chocolates)? Donuts?

And how do you avoid binging on this stuff?

Isn’t cheating if it fits your macros or if you are a SHW #roadtoSuperHeavy

You’re on about snacks mane but I guess if you snack hard enough it’s pretty much a meal. Probably be easier to list yum yums I’m not a fan of … which is nothing I can think of off the top of my head.

Personally I know if I buy something Ima eat it at the first opportunity so I don’t/do buy snacks with the knowledge that it’s going into the day’s macros.

Just don’t buy many snacks. Am too lazy to make a trip to buy snacks so temptation or not it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing to snack on. Saves monies too

When I cheat on sweets, I eat a waffle with mix heavy fat sauces or get myself a large ice cream with brownies.

Mini Snickers bars.


Chocolate fam. Can’t quit it

I’ve got a good one with zero cals. Get the deer park flavored carbonated water (you can get the assorted flavor pack at costco). Add drops of stevia to taste. Tastes like a grape nehigh or orange fanta. Hits the spot.

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How you gon get to SHW eating like dat…

I’m most of the way there just being a fatty with bad impulse control and goal oriented behaviours. Don’t need extra sweets in the house.

Kirspy kremes
cookies and creme hershey bars
visocount mint chocolate biscuit
banofee pie
more krispy kremes
jelly sours
lemon cheesecake
Dozen box of krispy kremes(and proceed to hate life for the next 45 minutes - 3days)

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On the road to SHW… rampant honey badger

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@RampantBadger takes a break from linking relevant T Nation articles:


How does he find all those relevant articles though?

Probably using the energy from all dem sugars. Preferred fuel source for brain gains.

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It’s a horrible habit that I’m trying to break but dare iced coffee 750ml bottles. Can get 2 for $7 from the service station and they are just that damn good.
Frozen snickers ice cream bars, thiccc choc chip cookies, family blocks of chocolates.
I always used the excuse just coz I’m 7ft and 120kgs I could swing more and it wouldn’t mean as much #noragretz


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Boiiiii I’m already there lol

Not even cracking the 308s… pathetic