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Sweet Tea


This may be a retarded question, so if it I apologize, but as a southern KY boy, I've grown up drinking sweet tea. When I make a pitcher, it usually has about 2 cups of sugar in it, so I know each glass is loaded with at least 20g of sugar prly. I use to basically drink a pitcher a day by myself, and as I'm entering the last bit of my 'leaning out' phase, I've tried very hard to try and limit my intake of it, but I would love to be able to drink a calorie free version, that isn't disgusting.

My question is, has anyone found an artificial sweetner that works well when it comes to tea?? Sweet-n-low is just horrible, and I think I've had tea made with Splenda, and it didnt even remotely compare?? Unsweetened tea is tastes like shit too me, so is there any alternatives ya'll have found to work??


Are you for real?
You dont have the will power to stop drinking 2 cups of sugar a day?!

Get out.

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That's not what I said. I'm asking from ppl (preferably those who know what 'good; sweet tea tastes like) who have probably tried different artificial sweeteners as too they know of any that hold up to the real thing. I dont drink soda or anything like that, and I right now the only time I drink tea is 8 oz. before a workout when I'm dragging, for the caffeine. I'm just asking for potential alternatives. So don't be a dick

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He wasn't being a dick.

You have no willpower to stop drinking 2 cups of sugar a day and now you want someone to give you an answer you want.

Guess what buttercup; doesn't work that way.

Stop putting shit in your body and you will "lean out".


I think splenda is your best bet man... But..or fit that shit into your macros by drinking it far more moderately dude. I've continued to lean out with cap'n crunch and the likes in my diet.


Yea see right now it still fits in fine, it was more just of 'future reference' type thing. I know alot of people here diet down using artifical sweetners, but all I know of is spenlda, I was just curious if ppl had had success with other ones and had opinions on the taste. But I'll suck it up and give splenda another shot. BTW, I'm also using the Leangains method, and have really enjoyed seeing another IF'er have success with the method. Kepp up the good-work bud


I'm asking if anyone has made 'good' sweet tea with some some other artficial sweetners that maybe I hadn't heard of. Believe you, I have the will power to do, so I was simply asking if they had alternatives that had had success with, seeing is it is in this forum I found recipes for things like protein pancakes alot of other useful dieting foods I would have otherwise never heard of. Sorry if this makes me 'less' hardcore...


Thanks man, you too. From my reading..splenda is the most commonly used sweetener out and one that I'm pretty sure elicits either minimal to ZERO insulin response..probably close to zero. I have read that some other sweeteners do stimulate insulin somehow, but I'm not 100%.

You could also try stevia as a sweetener, but I'd do some independent reading on that..some have told me its a go and I think I read some bullshit on it somewhere. I personally use splenda once in a while..but, relatively sparingly..especially compared to a lot on here or people I personally know. I drink a diet soda from time to time as well.


Yea I wasn't going to drink it during the fast regardless, but I'd also thought the insulin response was minimal, so it never even crossed my mind as an issue. THanks, I'll definatly look into that. I've never heard of stevia, my give it a try. Yeah, I stopped drinking soda so long ago I cant even drink the diet kind because it's almost too sweet for me, like drinking syrup. THanks again


You are from Kentucky. Drink Bourbon.


My no cal sweetener of choice is called Truvia, which is comprised of Stevia and erythitol as a bulking agent. Both sources are completely natural and virtually zero calories.


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Major artificial sweeteners are nutrasweet (aspartame), sweet n low (sachharine), and splenda (sucralose), and then stevia is a natural variant extracted from a plant, which tastes a bit different.

I'm not a sweet tea conneiseur; I'm not from the South. However, "proper" sweet tea is actually brewed with the sugar or something, right? I've added artificial sweeteners to unsweet iced tea, and it's tasted like ass, so I wonder about the idea of actually adding the sweeteners early in the brewing process? Note that nutrasweet isn't very stable in high temperatures, so it runs a risk of the taste turning worse if heat is involved (that's why sugar free hot chocolate tastes like ass if it sits for too long).