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Sweet Sweet Revenge


OK I gotta take revenge of some MOFO i know..I have a nice plan but I need some help guys..PLZ can you find me NON porn facebook-like photos of one girl.preferably teenage.I have a super sleek plan..muahahahha


You sound like a fucktard.

Just sayin.


You sound like a tool.

Just sayin.


maybe Im both,but I am an enraged,rly offended fucktard/tool/teen..whatever,,


Tell me the details of your plan and I will tell you how to operate the magic "GOOGLE".

It's fucking amazing...


well..Its not about a boy..Its about a girl,she used me like a fuckin tool.
I want to make her rly rly jealous ...BUT as currently I am "Al asciuto "and rly fucked up emotionally ,I need to make up an e-girl..Couldn't find anything in google tho..lol..yeah Im pittyful right now,,..


Doom on you.


Grow up.

That is all.


Dude. There are about 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.999999999989191 girls out there. Just let it go. Get your shit sorted out and do yourself a favor, let the bitch go.


Nah i dont want her back..Ive even fucked her best friend but I want her to pay ya know...


You have no idea how much shit you'll be in when the "karma" bitch comes back around to see ya !!

ditch the games and get real........


Christ I was right.

Did her boyfriend stuff you in a locker during recess?


LMAO./..dude im the biggest guy in school..bahahahhahaha///...are you kiddin me?


right !!


Probably the boyfriend stuff something else inside you know where??


dude her best friend didnt want to get involved in thsi cos she didnt want to lose ther friendship..If i dont find teh photos I might aswell make public taht I fucked her best friend..I just want her to pay..




OHOO shit on it..Im calling her friend..fuck the photos fuck teh sleek shit..im goin heavy..


Or you could let your balls drop, grow the fuck up and move on in your life


goin heavy huh ?? well fat chicks need love'n too!!