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Sweet Sixteen Thread


How about some thoughts on this years tournament and the Sweet 16? Who does everyone have winning it all? I think my Duke boys are going to bring it home again. (Sorry, Kuz!)


George Mason.


For a second I thought this was actually a thread about those little cunts on the MTV show.


Duke will have their annual March meltdown, possibly against LSU this weekend.

Gotta go with UConn.




Yeah, because UConn's never lost in the Sweet 16 as a 2 seed... oh wait...


Don't be sorry, be mistaken. Duke will go down. I think UConn will take it. They are the most talented team and the fact that they made the sweet 16 without playing well is a good sign for them. It looks similar to their last NC run in that respect. Btw, I hate UConn and Duke.



haha exactly my thoughts


Except we're a #1 seed this year. :wink:


Ahh, and so it begins! My horribly biased opinion is that UConn is bringing it all home this year. I will be the first one to admit, however, that UConn needs to play its game and not suffer from the mental lapses that get them into trouble at times. There is not another team in college basketball this year as deep and talented... BUT, they need to bring intensity. Maybe because it is getting down to the true bright lights time, they will. That's at least the fervent hope hear in the Constitution State.

But I like our chancesa lot...


Hmm. Seton Hall fan? Well, at least we agree on the hating Duke part. :slightly_smiling:


I'm pulling for Gonzaga, led by Morrison and his 80's porn-stache. I don't care if they can't play defense, the porn-stache will carry them through.


I agree. Duke is going down. All the way down to Indianapolis to collect their trophy.

Don't hate the ACC just because the own the Big East. :slight_smile:




hells ya! GMU all the way


Go PornStaches, haha! (Gonzaga)

I just hope Washington doesn't win it, I'll never stop hearing the end of it out here...

really though, I'm all for the Wichita State SHOCKERS!



Haha. Own the Big East? Good one, I needed the laugh. And a common misconception among ACC schools is that you go down to Indianapolis when in fact, you go north.

And Kuz, I am on Orangeman, although I pull for SHU at times because I feel sorry for them as their administration holds them back.



LOL. You got me on that one, DB.




Gotta root for the BigEast!


and as much as I hate to say it