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Sweet Sixteen Program Questions


I'm getting ready to go to Uni, and I'm hoping to join the American Football team when I get there. For my summer training, I was hoping to do J Davies' Sweet Sixteen program for the first part and then WS4SBII for the second. (I'll do another post about that later on.)

The Sweet Sixteen program can be found here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do;jsessionid=037603EB028420296E2D6B2B285A23A9.hydra?id=676927

On the first page, Davies's refers to a "a super-compensatory effect of total body development because of cumulative load bearing. In other words, it'll pack mass onto the entire body, not just the legs."

1) I was wondering how substantial the super-compensatory effect was.

2) If the super-compensatory effect isn't enough for strength and size gains in the upper body, what kind of exercises should I add in, and where?

3) Should I do an SAQ work whilst on Sweet Sixteen or save it for my 6 week WS4SBII cycle?

Many thanks,



Was just re-reading the program, and I was wondering what "dead stop concentric" squats were? I have to perform them on Saturday's workout.

Also, for the pause at base on Wednesday's squats, what length of time am I looking at? 5 seconds?


I think dead-stop concentrics are squats from the bottom-up in a power rack.


Thanks - can anyone answer my other questions?


I think Coach Davies would be the best for answering these questions. PM him or email him and he will most likely answer you promptly, hopefully you could then post the reply he gave you on this thread so all of us that are wondering just like you could find out as well. Just my suggestion.