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Sweet Revenge Via Facebook

Too funny not to share, and now I’m off to go get a haircut just in case.

hahahah that was awesome. the kid went for the kill i like his style.

That was equal parts brutal and awesome.

I doubt he and his sister will ever have much of a relationship after this.

The sister needs some help, I think, but the kid’s a douche.

I believe in an eye for an eye but this is like an eye for your entire fucking head.

I like how #4 is scheduled for a titty bang. Fucking hilarious.

Hahahahahahaha i’ve never laughed so hard on T-Nation

that is fucking Hilarius

Holy damn.

Best Use of Social Networking Site, 2009.

“What are you going to do? tell mom and dad that I uploaded your d*** sucking list to Facebook?”

Well played my friend, well played.

That was so fucking hilarious! OMG what kind of girl would even make such a list? Isnt it possible that the bro just made that sheet on his own to kill his sister’s rep? What an ass if true but 10X funnier

If I were Brian I’d get a hair cut. LMAO!!!

lol, "I <3 facebook like you <3 cock, epic win.

lol, my a-hole instincts make me want to buy him another 12 pack… Thanks for the laugh Doug =).

It’s things like that that make me happy I’m an only child.

Man, he went right for the jugular.

Don’t cut him off in traffic!

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she kept a list? like she’d forget?

ya id say she deserves it.

[quote]CBear84 wrote:
she kept a list? like she’d forget?

ya id say she deserves it. [/quote]

I consider it organized project management. I mean, she did have a deadline to complete her conquests so it was clearly cereal business.


Indeed, “SO wrong on SO many levels”