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Sweet Potatoes


They are ok at first, but the semi sweet taste gets old too quick.

I would like to add more to my diet because they are really healthy and great for a bulking diet, however, the flavor is really getting to me.

Does anyone have any recipees or suggestions for eating sweet potatoes?

I am considering trying this recipee i found. Not sure if i am man enough though. Anyone want to try?



What about making a high-protein mashed sweet potato casserole? Mash the potatoes, make "milk" from vanilla Grow! and water, mix with butter flavored seasoning, top with finely chopped almonds, bake. Portion out into meals, served with lean protein. I got this idea last night, after tasting a coworker's sweet potato casserole...I have been sick of steamed sweet potatoes for a while as well, but am going to try this "healthy" version.


Get creative They are great dressed like a regular baked potato even Salsa sour crean onin cheese,

Also sweet. a great one I had today Vanilla Low-Carb Grow! cinnamon, and a little rum extrct just enough water to make a Gravy Put that over a sweet tater, MMMMM


Bake em, peel em, sprinkle cinnamon on em, eat em


I like the idea of adding vanilla protein powder. Never thought of that before.

Another thing is that with a little brown sugar it almost tastes like pumpkin pie. If i can make a wheat crust and get some of that low calorie whipped cream, maybe I can trick myself into believing the lie.

I also remember hearing somewhere that in south africa they make a sort of stew out of it....or maybe that was pumpkins.


Oh yes....when I make Beef Stew in the crock pot, instead of white potatoes, I use sweet potatoes. The flavor is different and good. Try it!


These sound yummy...


Chop them up and put them in a pan with any meat you're roasting, pork tenderloin or ham works especially great. before putting them in the pan with the meat, toss them in olive oil, and season with salt, pepper and rosemary. by the time the meat is done roasting, the sweet potatoes are perfectly soft and their flavor is hearty, not sweet.