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Sweet Potato - How Often and How?


Browsing through here I found people saying sweet potatoes are good for you. I like sweet potatoes, so I like those people.

Now, to the questions, how often should/could one eat them and how should they be cooked for health&taste?

Thanks alot


You can eat as much of them as you can handle that adds up to the amount of carbs you need in a day (less the post-workout carbs).

They are one of, if not the, best sources for carbs you can eat.

As far as preparing them, I just put one in the microave with a paper towel wrapped around it, for about 5 minutes.

It's not bad, but I'm sure baking it tastes better.

I've also added that zero calorie butter spray stuff for taste when I started to get sick of eating the same thing over and over.


Actually for some reason sweet potatoes come out better from the microwave than the oven. Of course the opposite is true for regular potatoes.


No way, in the oven it brings out the sweet potato's natural syrup.Too bad they take as so long to cook in the oven.So microwaveing it will have to be.


Damn it, I drive a Dodge Stratus! How dare you sir!


Mashed sweet potato with a littel butter, black pepper and if you are feeling real cheeky, a little roasted garlic mixed in as well. Mmmmm


I like mine mashed as well. I usually add a touch of cinnamon or even nutmeg if I want something sweet. Pepper, garlic powder and even chives work well.

You can even wrap them up in foil on toss them on the grill. If you are cooking up a lot of food put them on first and take them off at the end. Just rotate often like a normal potato.

I also found that if you can find some of the smaller ones, they cook up faster.


I eat one every other dat atleast. Swap it out with oat meal at breakfast.

Chop it up put in bwol with water cover and microwave ten mins add cinnamon and sweetner. Good stuuf along side and omelette and Low-Carb Grow! and a peice of fruit.