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Sweet Pollyanna in LaLa land


I seem to be having the same problem as Court in that my log has reached it's expiration date. This is version 2 with a link: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/eternity_log?pageNo=84#bottom to the other one. I refer back quite a bit to training stuff.

Welcome to LaLa Land, home of unicorns and whatnot :slightly_smiling:


Went to visit my chiro this morning to see about my persistent pain in my back/lat. It hasn't gotten all that much better. He brought tears to my eyes again and we reviewed the exercises. I'm sending him a link to the squat-morning video so he can have a look at what I'm doing to see if he can spot where the issue is occurring. If he can't tell from that, he suggested and off-site squat session to see what's going on.


That's great that he is not telling you to stop. (Or maybe he has in the past but I haven't caught up yet). A few weeks ago when I went for a massage, she basically told me to lay off the squats and I told her that wasn't even an option. She said a huge amount of people that come to see her have injured themselves by doing them incorrectly. Good luck and I hope you feel better!


He treats all of us. Court saw him yesterday. He will also be at the meet on Saturday that Court is doing. He's never told me to stop anything. He just gives exercises to help strengthen imbalances.


I saw him today too. And I'm seeing him again Thursday. And he wants to treat me before I bench at the meet on Saturday. FML.

The only time he told me to lay off (for 1 week only) was when I first saw him and had a very messy disc bulge at L4-L5. Then after that week he told me to lift as heavy as possible to push it and test it :slight_smile:




As painful as he can be, I like his attitude. It hurts? Have a large cup of suck it up and move along.


I'm thinking I might make an appointment to see him about my right shoulder. (Advice I should have taken 13 months ago)


oh yah.. I saw Sweet Pollyanna and of course I thought, "that has got to be ouroboro's new log"

chiros scare me. I had my neck cracked once and I thought I was being internally decapitated


I think that's a good idea. You can check him out and if you don't like him, don't return. Just watch his hands and stuff. For some reason today, he kept pulling my shirt out at the back of the collar and staring down it. Odd.

Seriously though, it's worth a try.





Hiya Jules


Oh hai. Glad to see you.


Pollyanna Rated R sounds a lot more like it. Then you had to go bring up the unicorns. This is gonna get all kinds of creepy, and I know I won't be able to stay away. So I'll make my first contribution.


Can I have another piece of candy?


I typed unicorn but I may have been thinking cock. Who knows. It's on my mind lately. It must be the tribulus.

The Pollyanna part comes from the fact that I typically believe what people tell me... pretty much all the time until I get burned. Then I fucking burn them back. Big time.


No wait just lately? I have a hard time remembering a time I DIDNT have it on my mind.

I'll make note of your gullibility.


I'd like to get it off my mind and get it somewhere else. It's on my 'to do' list.


Hey yo.

I have a love hate with chiro's had an excellent one- who's home I renovated,
and bought a home theater for. But he kept me in the game... sadly he is no cash only no insurance.

OG there are lots of different kinds of chiropractors, not all of them are big on cervical adjustments,
think of it like a hair stylist, dont like them ,or what they are doing its ok to get up and leave.

I am very very picky- I need them to do SOT and craniopathy .

And OB_s I am so proud!
Lala land is only 6 hours old and already you have mentioned cock.

I so heart you



I so 'heart' you too puppet guy.

I try to keep my chiro away from my cervix. However, sometimes the fingers get so deep in the groin, it's touch and go.