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Sweet New Exercise


This is a combination eccentric bench press, roman chair situp, partial deadlift, simulated backwards sled dragging with some bodybuilding posing thrown in at the end for good measure.


Do you race against time to complete it?


I have had to do this on a couple of occasions years ago. lol


Why would that idiot upload that video is what I want to know?


I was hoping to see the bar go crashing into that TV screen.

By the way, as I viewed the vid, a spam email appeared in my inbox... for an Ab Circle device. WTF?


I can see this being the new crossfit craze. I did that many times in high school though. guy actually makes it look pretty easy. He's a pro.


there was a comment saying that he was showing how to get out of failed bench with no spot... don't know if thats true but I can't imagine why else he would show anyone this video otherwise


yea, and the title of the video...


You forgot the mobility drill after the bb pose.


he's getting better :stuck_out_tongue: