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Sweet Juice Protein (not that juice)

Shit, I re-read this, there’s a question after all my rambling, sorry.

At last, done dieting down for awhile. I hit my cutting goals and now I’m ready to bulk. Too bad summer is almost hear and now I’m bulking…not known for my brains.

Anyways I’m eating very clean but I’m eating everthing under the sun. I’m on my Mag-10, creatine, etc. I saw that at my gym Worldwide Nutrition, Designer Protein, and Isopure have these fruitty drinks that have 42-50g of protein per bottle. In the past I’ve tried Blue Thunder or some gross shit like that. Anways, I have tried all of the above and I absolutly can’t get enough of them. To me it’s like Kool-Aid. To make sure I’m hitting my calories/protein for the day I’m waking up in the middle of the night and slamming one of these. There’s only so many chocolate protein drinks I can take in a day.

After all of this rambling, here’s the question: When I drink the usual MRP or protein powder I mix it with skim and sometimes water. To me when I drink something chocolately I think milk. Milk=protein. But when I drink this fruity stuff I don’t understand how it tastes how it does and provides that much protein. Am I getting ripped off? Yes I know there there isn’t a hint of real fruit juice in any of these but what’s the deal?

Jeez I look stupid.

The only way to make these things is with whey, so you’re not getting any gool 'ol casein. I don’t know what they mean exactly, but Muscle Media said these things can eat the enamal off your teeth. They really bashed these types of drinks. (I bet EAS still comes out with one though.)

I have the same question. I’ve noticed something with the Isopure drinks. Some of them list 190 calories and only 40 grams of protein, leaving 30 unaccounted calories. Also, on the ingredients they list sucralose but then on the label it says 0 carbs. I’m a skeptic since they taste too good.