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Sweet Gains But Bloated Bad

So I just wrapped up a 16 week cycle/blast
600 mg test cyp weekly x16
3-4iu hgh 5/2
Anastrozole .5 x2
Hcg 30units x2

Went from 172 to 194
chest 42" to 45
Bis 14" TO 15"
Leg 24" to 25"
Calf 15" to 15.5"
Bf was 12% now 14%
Diet wasnt the cleanest but hey thats bulking got all my protien

Ive been super bloated the last 3 weeks. Granted ive been eating 25x bw but I feel like im gonna give birth. Any way to get rid of this bloat fast? Been cutting carbs and drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day but still feel like im in a midol commercial. Help I cant fit in my skinny jeans

sounds to me like you overbulked and got fat

yup. from your numbers you gained 6.5lb of fat for a 22lb bodyweight gain. now- the bodyfat% doesn’t include water, aka cycle bloat, but your bodyweight does. so when you finally start to lose that water weight, you’ll still have that 6.5lb gained bodyfat…likely ending up around a lb of fat gained for each lb of muscle. hmmm. diet wasn’t the cleanest huh?

Yeah diet was not cleanest. Its hard as F to eat clean all day with all the cals…Pretty much just aimed for 2gs of protien per lb dailey then did my best on the rest. Feels like something stuck in my guts not so much pinching new fat. All my lifts went up & muscles look bigger felt like a pretty solid cycle to me.

AI use is too low, you may be bloating from high estrogen.

I take half a milligram, twice a week for my 100mg/week TRT dose.

How are you measuring HCG? 30 units?

What will your PCT look like?

Assuming you’re doing a typical PCT of 40/40/20/20 or the like, I’d take 1.5mg of AI this week, and continue with 1.0 mg next week to try and get E2 lower as you taper off the test.

yea that AI should’ve been at least .5 EOD.

HCG “30 units” I just assumed was .3 on the syringe, or =300iu assuming most common concentration of 1000iu/ml. I hope it didn’t mean literally 30iu’s…

I just re-read…

OP with the likely ratio of fat gained here, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this wasn’t pharma grade HGH. I’d consider that fake hgh and not use that source again.

I wasnt doing cardio very much…hgh aint to blame it was diet & lack of cardio. Typical meat head bulking…When the dust settles after I cut. I bet im around 185 once I get down to 10% bf

No pct testicle im c&b just gonna go back to 200mg per week test cyp & .25 anastrozole eod & maybe a shot of hcg when nuts look small…probablt 300/ 30 on the slin pin 2x per week till bottle is gone

I wasn’t saying the HGH made you gain fat bro. if that HGH was real you would’ve had better results, hence the source you bought that HGH from sold you fake HGH, whether or not they knew it.

I believe he has a script for hgh…

yea I read a few of his past posts and saw he’s been on prescription HGH for about 3 years. I’m honestly kind of dumbfounded at the “progress”…but that’s none of my business.

hmm I thought the progress was pretty good 22lbs is pretty solid… I was aiming at 30lb but fell short… Thanks for the info on the anastrozole I kicked it up and its actually helping. Dont feel as bloated… Yeah the fat gain isnt the best but I expected to gain a bit. Yeah the HGH is scripted through doc its serostim… I was taking it post workout IM… For fat loss usually HGH works best for me 1st thing in morning SQ…Im moving to that now as Im changing up all my shit and cutting… I fuckin hate cutting

Yall typically get better then 20-30lb gains?

[quote]thehebrewhero wrote:
Yall typically get better then 20-30lb gains?[/quote]

nope, that’d be a dream come true! I’m lucky to get 10lbs

I simply would’ve expected a better ratio of muscle to fat from 600mg/wk and pharma HGH. seems training and diet were crap. but what do I know.

Math aint realy my strong point but best I can tell I gaind 22lbs 7lbs of it fat/water… from what ive always thought thats the norm for juicing …2 of every 3lbs should be muscle the rest fat/water… Maybe its just broscience but I thought 2/1 was pretty avg

Numbers are just numbers if you like what you see thats all that matters

[quote]thehebrewhero wrote:
Math aint realy my strong point but best I can tell I gaind 22lbs 7lbs of it fat/water… from what ive always thought thats the norm for juicing …2 of every 3lbs should be muscle the rest fat/water… Maybe its just broscience but I thought 2/1 was pretty avg[/quote]

I alway lose fat on cycle. Not sure I’d be happy with a 30% of my gains being fat

yea I just feel like he’s not getting it.

172 @ 12% bf -----> 194 @ 14% bf

20lb fat ---------> 26lb fat (6lb FAT gained)

22lb gain - 6lb FAT (not water!) = 14lb of fat free mass. THIS NUMBER- 14lb, is the figure that also accounts for the water you are holding, making you look puffy, likely due to an AI dose more appropriate for 100mg/wk, not 600.

I think the OP needs to reevaluate diet and training before the next Blast. next time you end up at 16% @ 210, then 18% at 225, then 20% at 240…and eventually you think you’re making sweet gains and yea you’ve got some muscle but you’re also fucking fat, when you could have gained during the cycle and at least maintained starting bf%, if not decreasing it a little- which really shouldn’t be hard given GH use.