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Sweedish Flower Pollen Question

My boyfriend and I what to try sweedish flower pollen for sexual enhancement (saw it advertised in a magazine). I went to GNC to get some, but they looked at me like I was crazy and tried to give me Bee Pollen. I didnt think Bee Pollen was the same as sweedish flower pollen so i didnt buy it. Anyone out there who knows if sweedish flower pollen goes by anyother name, and where I can get some? Has anyone tried sweedish flower pollen, and what were the effects? Thanks everyone.

what is it and why do you want to use it? i mean they advertise tons of shit in magazines that do absolutely nothing. why would sweedish flowers have different pollen than say dutch flowers? sounds like a sham. there are a lot of other ‘known’ sexual ‘enhancers’ out there, why not try one of those?

Get your guy on vitex. Solaray brand, 1 400mg cap with breakfast. Dirt cheap, works like a charm. If you need jumpstarting, try a glass of quality merlot and light some candles. Also, Chuck Mangione’s album “Feels So Good” should put you in the mood nicely.

Sweedish Flower Pollen is being touted in the porno mag ads as increasing a guys load, making a guy “shoot huge loads of cum”. I dont know if it works though as promised. It would be nice if it did, cause if it did increase the vloume of ejactualte, then it probably is raising a guys LH and FSH levels which means a bigger T increase, and BTW, the bigger a guys load, the more intense the orgasm.

Brock once said Vitex increases a guys load like clomid does, but Bill didnt get that effect.

Um… “Swedish Flower Pollen”? I live in Sweden and I’ve never heard of it… :wink:

Chuck Manione?! Uh, doom on you DemoDick

No flowers are grown in Sweden?

Actually… we do have some flowers. But I don’t think that they’ll improve your love life… or wait? I have a friend who ate flowers in kindergarten when he was like 5-6 years old… and the girls just love him now… hm…

Ratso: I didn’t know anyone out there spoke Vietnamese. LOL. And by the way, Chuck Mangione, Weather Report, and anything by Peter Gabriel works wonders on them there ladies. Don’t forget the wine.

Matti Kolu: Stop destroying the picture of us swedes as sexgods will you ?

To the ladies: Yes swedish pollen make all male horny like hell, at least the swedish ones…:slight_smile: