Swedish Powerlifters & Strongman

Hi! Just posting some videos of swedish powerlifters/strongman!

Johnny Wahlqvist - IPF Powerlifter & Bencher, Single Ply

Age: 37
Weight: 165kgs/364lbs
Height: 177.5cm/5.82ft

Jump to the end and notice he doesn’t wear wraps.

Daniel Larsson - Raw Powerlifter/Deadlifter

Age: 22
Weight: 88kgs/194lbs
Height: 180cm/5.9ft

Anders Johansson - IPF Powerlifter, Single Ply & Strongman

Age: 35
Weight: 138kgs/304lbs
Height: 184cm/6ft

8 Reps, 180kg/397lbs at 135cm/53.1in