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Swedish Heavyweight Weighlifter


This is my coach, his name is anders and he's the best weightlifter yet in sweden.


There is some silly music there but dont mind it.

some stats
snatch 175kg
clean and jerk 225kg
power snatch 145kg
atg squat 320kg
parallel squat 360kg
Close grip bench 220kg
deadlift 320kg easy fives on 300kg, didnt atempt anything higher then that

this was back in 1996 I think.


How do you guys train?


I dont realy know how he trained back in the days. but usuauly we would do something like this for olympic lifting:

oh squats
snatch variation (lift the bar up then take a step to the side and sit under, light weight)

50% x2x3
60% 2x2
70% 2x2
80% x1
then increase the weights up to 90-95%

clean and jerk is pretty much the same

then we end with deadlifts, the weight should be challening, 6reps 4 sets.

it does change alot though. sometimes we do from blocks, do lots of reps and sets on the snatches, hang snatches, power snatches.

6reps 4 sets 2 times a week for squats, deadlift variation on other days. 5-6 days per week.

I heard that back in the days he trained 6days per week and 2 times per day