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Sweden's Version of Freedom


I stole this from the Get A Life Forum, as I think it is worthy of some discussion - especially since our own resident Swede is so up in arms about how oppressive the US is.


Dude was arrested because he had big muscles.

If the female officer thought that guy has big muscles - I shudder to think what they would do to me.

...let freedom ring.


You certainly will never hear me rationalize that one. What the screw did was uninformed, wrong, and oppressive.

I can go on condemning this for pages. Just say the word.


He should have pissed down her leg, the bitch...

If that's the nanny-state that's held up by libs as a model for us to follow, then I'm reaching for my shotgun.


I was under the impression that the nordic countries had a fairly robust physical fitness culture. Anyone who knows better, correct me if I'm wrong.




LOL. That's hilarious, though incredibly wrong.

Don't worry Rainjack, I'm sure you'd at least fail the test.


You rip RJ for putting insults into a post once in a while, then try to provoke him with a post like this. Uh...okay...

He probably benches twice your squat, 3 wheels and all.


I would ride that bitches ass long and hard.

Maybe she could guard an highway parking lot after that or join a private security company watching malls.

The state attorney not to follow up on this would be unacceptable I`m afraid.


Excuse me, but to insinuate that RJ is on the vitamin T is hardly news nor an insult.


Evidently, you can be arrested for no more than the peace officer's opinion of what constitutes too muscular.

Funny as it may be - I would submit that this is just a manifestation of fear...terror, if you will...based in total ignorance.

Doesn't sound to me like Sweden is as free as I am living in the middle of fascist central.


Hilarious story.

The German national television, which is funded through a special tax office (and can place ads as well,the bastards) employs some very unusual tactics to get their money.
Everybody who can potentially receive the national TV or radio, has got to pay. Never mind if he isn't interested in that crap or that his TV is broken or his Stereo has a built in radio he has never used and he doesn't understand german.

To ensure that, they use outbound service executives who do the utmost to bust you.
They try to get in your house and will use every trick or lie to convict you to sign some paper stating that you have had the undeclared possibility for watching TV which means you're going to pay thousands of Euros (and they get a fat bonus themselves).
I once had a discussion with one of these snitches and he shouted over the whole staircase, trying to embarrass me:

You're watching TV! I know it! I know you're lying, I see exactly when someone's watching TV! Come back! I'm gonna come back with the cops!


Yup, this slut has come three times now controlling wheather or not I own a radio.

I only got loud after the second time or so.

Funny, she never visits any more :-(.

God, I hate this assholes.

I only pay for my TV since the census.

Yes, they have access to that data.

Words fail me to describe what I think of this government whores.


LOL. Sure, and Rainjack can't speak for himself?

Maybe you can let Rainjack and I fight things out without your cheering him on every time he launches a tirade?


What? Austrian GEZtapo has access to official data regarding your possession of a TV? Sick.

I really don't see any need for a special tax when they a) can do commercials and b) don't use their material "independence" for good tv since they are imitating practically any existing cable crap like the various SuperStar BS, soaps, and reality TV.

ARTE, which I like to watch here and there because it has great docus, and stuff like short films, is funded by other taxpots, so I can sleep well.

In short- the whole german TV escapade is a great example of stupid tax tyranny for nothing.


It is the GIStapo.



But he has a great wit...c'mon, like the 'Thinking Tree' thing --- its hilarious!


Same thing in Sweden. They don't shout at you though. They just ask if they might come in, and you say "piss off!". Usually ends there. A minister had to resign last year because people found out she owned a telly and didn't pay the tax.

You think you have it bad in Germany? Think again. In Morocco, they included the tax with the electricity bill. You have absolutely no recourse. If you have as much as a light bulb, you pay the audiovisual tax.

In France, since 2005, they guys in charge of the housing tax (which is whooping in the country!) collect the TV money. Makes it seem like pennies compared to the tax on your home. Psychology 101. By the way, Arte is financed by the same "redevance audiovisuelle" as all other channels on the public airwaves. Why is it different in Germany?


The GEZ, which finances the "�?ffenliche Rundfunkanstalten" as well as the "ZDF", simply isn't responsible for it. They just get their share of tax money. Probably because a second GEZtapo is just too much, even for beauraucrats. Well, since ARTE is OK by me I really don't object to that.

My main problem with state TV is that is does it does a shitty job in doing what it's supposed to do- namely providing the audience with unbiased (as well as some gentle Germany-biased here and there), culturally important entertainment and news.

And you have NO possibility to say you're not interested if you own a TV or radio or internet connection. No way to say:"thank you, but I'm only interested in private porn channels".


When I read about some of this crazy shit that goes on in Europe I wonder how you guys can come here and talk about Americans losing their civil liberties with a straight face.

It seems like a homeless man lecturing Bill Gates about money.


Hmmm...Are you assuming that a muscular guy is on gear?

I said no such thing, yet you're making the same assumption as the bitch cop. Hilarious!!