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Swede Burns' '5th Set for Powerlifting'?


Recently ,Ive restarted reading stuff over at Elitefts again came across The 5th set for Powerlifting. Ive had a chance to read part of it. Anyone else familiar with it...apparently it is fairly new, if you are whats your general opinion?


Swede is a great dude and has made some strong lifters.

5th set is a great book, do it. It's the next 5/3/1 ( not that 5/3/1 is going anywhere ).


I'm also interested in it, just out of curiosity. I'm running 5/3/1 and loving it, but 5th Set would/will be my next stop.


Actually, been able to read part of the Ebook... will be purchase it over at Elite Monday. If I actually use the actual program itself is up in the air,I just like reading up on how others approach training . I will say its pretty straight forward and not over complicated (thank God)
To the point its almost simplistic ... which is a refreshing for a change.


Any updates on this program? I’m thinking about buying the book and giving it a go.


Greg Panora seems to be enjoying it, which is a pretty good recommendation. I think JP Carroll does too.