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Sweatpants While Lifting?


most of the big guys at my gym wear sweats. one guy told me it was important to always keep the body warm and blood flowing. is this right? but wouldnt you lose water from sweating so much, therfore dehydrating your muscles? your opinion?


it's been my experience that guys wear sweatpants in the gym to hide their bitch legs.


The main advantage to sweats is that after you warm up you can take them off.

Also, they hide your chicken legs if you're a lightbulb. 8^)


im talkin sweatpants AND HOODIES. they dont have chicken legs


Interesting. The biggest guys at my gym wear sleeveless shirts and shorts. I wear a regular t-shirt and shorts because I feel like I move better. Long pants make me feel uncomfortable in the gym, especially when doing lower body stuff.


I don't think there is a reason to wear them, unless you weigh 130 lbs and are standing around instead of lifting. It is easy to hide behind the cloth. I used to lift in the morning at a gym and it was cold. Ten minutes into a session I didn't notice the frost. Point is that if you are moving, sweats are not needed.


Interesting... I've just switched from a "health club" type place to a hardcore gym.

I used to wear v. little - hell, I'd take the shirt off if I didn't think that'd give the wrong impression....

My new gym is full of huuuge guys (and I don't mean fat, I mean chemically-assisted in some cases). Most of whom wear sweats and hoodies. Right now, that makes sense - it's getting kind-of cold around here - but back in July/August they were doing the same. So I'm doing the same, to see what happens...


The only guys I ever knew who wore sweatpants in the gym never trained their legs.


i knwo i see videos every once in a while of some of the big name Westside guys (Dave, Jim, Chucky...) wearing all sweats. I personally can not understand it unless its just really cold.

I sweat a lot in just shorts and tshirt or sleeveless t. I dont know how they survive...


sweatpants are for trips to the strip club, not trips to the gym.


no, i actually read a study last week that said your blood doesn't flow unless your wearing sweat pants.

200,000 babies die every day because their blood does not flow, its an issue we all need to take seriously.

are your children wearing sweatpants?


I wear shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. Sometimes though in Ohio it gets colder. So I'll wear some sort of warmup pant and a hoodie. Sometimes I leave it on, sometimes I take it off.

It all depends.

It is true though that most guys that wear sweatpants or running pants often don't train their legs. Probably the biggest guy (upper body) at my old gym always wore running pants, and i almost lost it the first time i saw him with just shorts. Chicken legs is the understatement of the year. He said he tried steroids at one point too, but his "legs just don't grow." Wow...just wow.

It doesn't matter what you wear, but you better be able to squat some heavy shit when someone calls you out.


Chicken legs hell! What, do guys wear spandex with a banana stuffed in your crotch to show your legs off? I wear sweat pants to the gym almost every time. It doesn't matter. You can tell I don't have chicken legs even with sweat pants on, but I could care less about going to the gym to show off my bodyparts. Who gives a shit. The weights I move speak for themselves and that doesn't matter either.

Are you lifting for the other gym members or for yourself? Whatever answer is fine as long as you get in there and train hard. I give props to who ever does this. Who cares what they're wearing..... All that matters is if they put their weights back after they use them.

I happen to find sweat pants the most comfortable thing to wear. When its hot I have sweat shorts.


It's important to raise your core temperature before progressing to heavy attempts in your lifts. If you're going for a quick workout then sweatpants will have a noticeable effect on your session. Besides, you say that big dudes at your gym wear them.

Is it more likely that a faceless entity on the internet is more full of shit than any one of these guys? Think about it...


Some people don't actually worry about what they wear to train, they worry about the training and wear whatever is clean.



This coming from a guy wearing Rehbands and compression shorts?



If I didn't have them I would run home in tears. Briefs and knee sleeves are not the same difference as shorts or sweats. Should I wear a T-shirt or tank top? Answer, who gives a fuck?

Shut the fuck up and lift.


Actually knee sleeves provide the exact same benefit to a localized area that sweatpants provide to the entire lower body. They insulate body heat. Compression shorts do nothing, except make you feel huge. You are huge, but you're pushing a heart attack by the looks of things. No offense.


Fair enough, I will concede you that. I still think worrying about sweats or shorts is retarded, but whatever.

Compression shorts as you call them do not make me feel huge, they make me lift more weight. That of course is a can of worms in and of itself.

I am not actually pushing a heart attack, at least according to my doctor. I am in very good health. If you are judging from my avatar, I would like to see what you look like when pushing your abs out as hard as you can with 525lbs on your back. I don't look like that just sitting around, lol.

And I am FAR from huge. I consider myself small. When I hit 275 we'll talk.

none taken


I haven't wore a pair of sweatpants sense I was about 8 years old. I don't even know a person that owns a pair. I thought people stopped wearing them after the early 90s.