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if you are sweating does that mean you are "in the zone" for fat loss
what my point is, It's 92 degrees outside and humid so if i do i a less rigourous cardio workout outside will i still burn the same amount of calories or lose the same amount of fat as being on a treadmill or bike inside




i think sweating just means your hot. i sweat when i sleep if i forgot to turn the air down. sweating is an indication of one thing. you are hot.


Sweating is the body's way of trying to release heat to cool itself. Sweating has no correlation with fat loss.


It means you forgot to pee, and now you're sweating pee. Watch out! :slight_smile:


Sweat is determined by a number of factors, including body composition (amount of muscle, and fat), hydration/dehydration, humidity in the air, and more...Just workout hard and smart...your body will know what to do.