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Sweating in training/ training in heat

Ever since I trained in thailand i’ve been loving training in heat.

I’m the only one in the gym that trains with a tshirt, sweat suit and sweater on when I train… i love the feeling of sweating hard and working harder…

Anyway is this at all detrimental to training? I was wondering. Does the body prefer to be cooler when training so it needs to do less work to cool me down and therefore has more energy for me to train?

Any thought/input much appreciated as always

Unless there is a reason you are trying to lose water weight or are preparing to train or compete in a hot climate, there is no benefit to increasing your core body temperature to higher levels.

Typically performance will deteriorate with a loss of body water.

You are insane. You cant be working that hard if it takes you a sweatsuit to sweat when you workout. I wear as little as possible and sometimes wear two shirts and i am soaked in an air conditioned weight room.

Good question. I work out in my garage with the door up. The temperature was 104 and the heat index was 113 while I was working out yesterday . I drink loads of water while working out and for several hours after, but I always notice that the hotter it was when I worked out, the more DOMS I seem to have. I can barely walk today.

are you one of those people that thinks this is the way you loose weight??

You are probably doing more harm then good. Cool it!

well i understand it wont make me burn more fat but would it increase thermogenesis due to body heat increase?

i know that the amount i sweat, after aworkout i look alot more defined hehe

I hear that draping a towel over your head between sets will help keep the body temperate up and this is a good thing. But I think you are taking it to an extreme. Do you feel you lift better in the heat? I can?t imagine why someone would want to increase there sweating, I go through 2-3 T-shirts a session and hate it. If you do continue to train in the heat I hope you are very well hydrated at least.

i’ts not when im weight lifting it’s when i’m doing high anaerobic thai and kickboxing training

I always wear shorts, a t-shirt, and some kind of long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt when I’m working out. I enjoy the warmth as well; I think once my muscles warm up it keeps them that way. As long as you stay hydrated you are going to be ok unless the gym temperature is already up; If its 70 or so degrees in there, I don’t see any issues. I love to sweat too which is partially the reason why I wear long sleeves when working out. I also do cardio with the sweatshirt on; I don’t think it helps me loose weight, I just like the warmth and I like to sweat. A lot of it is for detoxification as well; I just like the idea of my body processing a lot of water. Since I live in Florida, I’m sure I get some strange looks and the really experienced and knowledgeble PT’s are probably going nuts wanting to offer unsolicited advice, wisely choosing not to do so.

Clearly, if you are getting woozy or feeling a little off, you are overheating. Occasionally my body temp is just really up there and I shed the outer later of clothing.

There is a benefit (in fact Ian King touches on it lightly in Super Strength part IV). By being covered up you’ll keep your muscles warm, blood circulating, and recovery will be improved. This is why during specialization programs I keep that body part well covered through most of the day (unless awkward).

However, this has to be balanced with water loss during the workout. Remember that sweating is dependent on sweat gland density, diet, water content, body fat, and a whole host of other things. So you don’t have to sweat like a pig to have a great workout. Just keep the body part warm.

I’m also one of those that prefers the heat. In the summer, I will run at 1:00pm during the hotest part of the day. I’ve got some bad shoulders and they feel so much better when I’m training in the heat. I think as long as your diligent with your water intake you’ll be fine.

One tactic I use when I’m extra sore is stretching out in the sauna at my gym both before and after a workout. It definitely feels better.

As far as dressing out in some sweats and a beanie (touqe?) during a workout, I don’t like it. I sweat plenty when I wear shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. Any more than that and I get uncomfortable. When I get uncomfortable it could potentially get in my head and I won’t train as well.

And besides, if I’m soaking sweatshirt after sweatshirt along with my regular workout clothes every day, I’d be up to my ears in laundry. I hate doing laundry


I also like to sweat a lot when I train and even use the sauna during the middle of the summer. Nothing like an ice cold shower after a good sweat either. I thought I liked sweating and the heat much more then I do until last week I was in Texas and did a HIT cardio session at the track outside at 2 pm in 99 degree heat and high humidity!! When I started seeing stars and feeling cold with vertigo I knew it was time to call it a day! Even though I was well hydrated the heat itself is still tough.

Very interesting question. With endurance athletes, you’ll surely see decrements in performance when dehydrated. I say dehydrated because you mention no replenishment of fluids during this profuse sweating.

The dehydration during exercise will lead to a decreased blood volume (i.e. loss of plasma volume), which in turn will reduce stroke volume and mean arterial pressue, the latter of which is the regulated variable of the cardiovascular system.

In response to the drop in MAP, the body will increase sympathetic activity, which in turn reduces cutaneous blood flow and increases body core temperature and heart rate.

Obviously, from a health standpoint, this is a no-brainer as to whether it’s detrimental. Cory Stringer, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, comes to mind.

Just a quickie but would the higher temerpature from training intensely in layers result in a lowered imune system. Before i’d hardly ever get ill and although i’ve been training like this for over a year, this year i’ve already had 3 flus :frowning:

i’m wondering if heat and dehydration could lead to this though it think i keep well hydrated during training