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Sweating and Random Muscle Pumps on Testosterone?

I’m on 1g of sustanon a week and I sweat a lot and get random muscle pumps when not exercising, for example when just walking.

Is this normal for a T cycle or could this be because there might secretly be some tren in the sustanon mix?

1g of T is not that much for a guy who is 6’7…

I have to disagree with you here. 1000 mg of Test/week is alot and very could be causing your random pumps. I sweat way more on TRT than I ever did before.

LOL why do you think 1G of test isn’t much for someone your size. Everybody metabolizes test differently. You could have someone half your size on 1G of test and they may see less TT/FT than you. Either way… its a lot.

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Testosterone is measured as nano grams (or whatever else) per deciliter of blood. Since I am taller and broader I naturally have more blood. Since I also have more muscle mass I naturally have more receptors to saturate.
Smaller guys usually say they experience no benefits over 750mg of test. whereas bigger guys usually do experience benefits from over 750mg.

Is your T prescribed (so pharmaceutical quality) or ugl? Mine is ugl.
I’ve heard that it’s not uncommon for ugls to add tren to their T products.

I’ve had several sources over the past 4 years and this has not happened to me. I’ve run Tren and the sides are very noticeable.

Sure guy… whatever you say.


Back pumps are normal. Get used to 'em.

why would anyone do that? Tren is expensive to manufacture. No manufacturer would have an incentive to spike their test product with tren. Makes zero sense.

where in the hell are you getting your information? No, that’s absolutely not true. That’s fucking absurd.

yes. yes it is. I have a friend who competes at a very, very high level in strongman, and he has seen VERY nice benefits without going over 500mg test. And he’s taller than you.

Thanks for the clarification

The pumps are oddly in my thighs when I walk

I agree but underground labs do some weird shit like intentionally underdosing testosterone. Why would they intentionally underdose testosterone when testosterone powder is so cheap, the money saved on underdosing does not make up for the loss of customers.

According to an old study done on underground products several did not contain the ingredients they said they did (underdosed or contained another hormone).

that rarely happens.

there are a lot of compounds that are often underdosed or substituted. test is not one of them. test from UGL’s is generally going to be what it’s supposed to be. There is some natural variation from batch to batch, and they can be either over or underdosed because of this.

Anavar, proviron, and tren are the most faked, and underdosed compounds. And of course GH.

I tend to think that the primary reason people thin anavar is not a particularly powerful steroid is because it’s so often underdosed.

This might explain why I felt nothing on 200mg proviron except low libido and heavy sleep. Maybe my muscle were a little bit tighter

Very interesting to hear this, I am getting profuse night sweats recently. Just cant seem to figure out what its from.

Im on TRT at a low dose. Very weird.


I thought you were on low dose Tren?

With the magical introduction of the interwebzzz, this practice has become less likely as websites are now our dedicated to the public reviewing the quality of various UGL’s therefore if a UGL is underdosed or tainting their products, bad reviews will pile in (which is bad for business) and even though black market business may be questionable, they still have a consumer market to satisfy.

1 gram is like 5-7 times optimal replacement doses for most… Size does play into account a small factor, however everyone metabolizes test at different rates. You could take what I take and get a TT of 2000 (as most people probably would) while I barely push 1200.

  • Get your HCT/RBC checked

What the hell were you using 200mg proviron/day for, it has NO anabolic benefit.

I think what I ended up getting a while back was legit Anavar (because whatever it was) was quite strong (and harsh) at just 25mg/day. Very harsh pumps, hard look to my muscles, strength gains, minimal weight gain, very high blood pressure, went from hypotensive to stage 1 - boarder line stage 2 hypertension (hence why I dropped it fast and never looked back)

Decided against it for now.


Well to address the first issue, every since I have been a blast and cruise guy, I sweat a ton. I’m always warmer than my colleagues, and my skin breaks out more.

From what I remeber, Anabolic steroids cause growth of the sebacous glands, therefore more sebum is secreted. Sebum is this gross, oily substance secreted from the sebacous glands, sebum collects dead skin cells, bacteria and whatnot, which therefore can plug follicles causing acne. (I could be wrong with my explanation here however this is what I remember), therefore that’s probably why your skin breaks out more