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Sweating and Creatine?

Hyper hydrosis?? Ever heard of it? My mate says that this is the bane of his life. Says he trains real hard yet he sweats like a pig not just when training, which is understandable , but he sweats in normal situations ,I have heard creatine sucks the water in your muscle and away from intramuscular tissue. Would creatine help in this situation ?I hope so as he is an OK guy.

It won’t help.

[quote]steven alex wrote:
<<< Would creatine help in this situation >>>

No, but have him get his blood sugar checked.

I actually used to have that in my hands and feet, and it’s most often due to an over-active nerve ending. There’s a really easy out-patient procedure where they clamp the nerve, or something of that nature, and that’s supposed to work quite well. I’d ask your doctor about it because I still sweat a lot when I’m lifting regardless of being on creatine or not.