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Sweat Rag


Ok ladies and gents.. the short and sweet of it is this. 50 year old grunt wakes up one morning a 309 pound mess. Tying my own shoes put me on the brink of a coronary every morning. So Christmas day 2009, I got pissed..

Fast forward past all the boring stuff, mostly sweaty ass 3:30 am workouts and a million pounds of chicken and here I am, 230(ish) and 11% bf. I used to belong to another site but the friggin spam drove me nuts, and most days logging my work and commenting on other blogs turned into a weird version of the dating game.. very little consistent, focused intensity found so I moved on. I hope to find that over here.

I am not the strongest dog on the floor, nor do I want to be. But know this. I won't be out worked.. my motto is simple. Desire, Dedication, Discipline. Motivation need not apply.. I leave that to others to rely on because I have found many a morning motivation wants to sleep in. The other thing I know first hand is this. No one ever drowned in sweat. I test that theory every single day. Now to the work.

I have been fighting the flu since about mid week last week, so my stamina is down. But not my will. 3:30 am wakeup. We had legs to work..

Monday wheel work

stretching with empty sled

BB Squats(8-10) - 135, 135, 135
Good Mornings(8-10) - 135, 135, 135
Bulgarian Splits(8-10) - 135, 135, 135

Leg Press - 16P(10), 20P(8), 22P(8), 24P(6)

Seated Leg Ext.(8-10) - 175, 205, 220, 250(6)
Seated Leg Curl(8-10) - 175, 205, 220, 250(6)

Calf ext(Leg Press) - 16P x 15 x 3 sets

onward and outward. Have a great day gang.


Welcome, you've found a good place to log now.

Sounds like this will be an enjoyable log to follow.


But I thought this was a dating game. What a lunch bag let down.

You guys suck.

I guess this is an okay place to log if you didn't already think it is the dating game.


That's disgusting!...........so tell me handsome, are you single? twirling hair through fingers

I'm just kidding. I don't have any hair.

Seriously, there's nothing worse than continually being hit on by fitness chicks, tell me about it. I sympathise.

So why on earth do you work out at 3.30am? and all the talk of sweat I'm assuming you do a lot of circuits and cardio right?

Welcome aboard.


I agree with every word except your false presumption that it was fitness chicks..


Welcome fellow 4:30 workout warrior here, I only hit on Mexican women. So you are safe from me.

Will be following. So you basically doing a BB routine?



Oh dear.


Thanks D..

I started with a Scivation Push/Pull for the first 6months or so and then migrated through some FST-7's and 5 x 5's.. Heavy and I are usually on a first name basis.. or heavy for an old man, anyways..toying with starting this year with a 5/3/1.. I was running a 4 day upper/lower split through the ho;idays...

@ Farmer.. yeah.. oh boy is right..




There are a lot of 5/3/1 followers here.


This is very nicely said. And I can relate because the description fits me as well. Except that I do want to be the strongest dog.

So it was men hitting on you? Hmm.


Good stuff welcome aboard


Lot of freaks on that site.. it was fairly prevalent... Not my bag of tea if you get my drift..

Ok, page two.. Cliff notes version of my last year when it comes to upper body.. thought I was ready for a 315 bench and my right rotator reminded me that I wasn't and that I had better get a lot smarter picking a spotter.. been rehabing that sucker ever since. It really pissed me off because the bench and my 225 standing military press were within my grasp.. Live and learn.. some lessons harder than others..
Up late watching the SEC defensive war last night, so 3:30 am was a bitch this morning.. I spoke yesterday about that little motivation issue.. yeah.. it slept in while the rest of us went for our weekly chesticle specticle.. wasn't pretty by a long shot, but the work got done.. I ditched the 5/3/1 plans.. I am dialing the diet back I can shed some of the holiday damage.. plus, I am still fighting this damn crud factory in my chest.. between it, the reduced carbs, and the late night, I am still trying to find a gas by the end of the routine.. no excuses.. just the facts.

Rev Pec Dec - 100 x 30

BB Bench -135x 15, 135 x 12, 185 x 10, 185 x 8, 225 x 6
30* Incline DB Press - 55 x 12, 65 x 10, 55 x 8, 55 x 8
DB Flyes - (60*) 25 x 12, (30*) 35 x 10, Flat 45 x 8 x 2
DB Pullovers - 80 x 15, 80 x 10, 80 x 8
Cable Crossovers - (H) 70 x 15, (M) 85 x 12, (L) 100 x 10
Pec Dec - 175 x 8 x 3 sets

Fighting Weight: 234
Macros: 2067 Calories - 243G(P), 87G(C), 83G(F)


'CUP' of tea ahem....

Being some sensitive english people listening in (brett doesn't count)


Hells yea! Love your back ground, found myself the same way a few years ago. Got to the point of either buying slip on shoes or lose weight.
You've found a great place to hang, good group of folks over here. Welcome.


That was why I always wore boots myself, never got out of the habit.


Marines don't do sensitive.. if words hurt that bad, then this blog is the least of their problems.. :wink:

Speaking of slip ons, I recently bought Vibrams for leg day.. Love the hell out of those suckers in the squat rack...


Wait...so I can't hit on you here??? Dang it! :wink:


Shit! He's found you.


I am with O_b_s

so disappointed that this isn't a dating game.

work ethic and good humor-
think you will find this a good spot to log