Sweat + Blood: This is Hardcore

Im trying to get shredded and improve my athetic and lifting ability. I will do sprint work, conditoning work, plyometrics, Olympic & Powerlifting focus on lifting with assistance work…This being said the whole point here is to work, sweat, increase workout capacity and get shreddid. Its not hard Im bout 10%bf at 195lbs or so, lets DO WORK…

Gettin ready to bang out my workout today, I think I will go with a speed scession before I hit my full body workout…workout will consist of power/olympic lifts!!


1x8x165lbs, 2x4x220lbs

1x6x170lbs, 2x3x2220lbs




This is what went down today, I was just trying to figure out some stuff because I am making a program so this was just a test day kind of to get a feel for things… I also did sprint work before I lifted and a good stretch after as well!!

I am by no means an expert but shouldn’t you do sprint after your workout instead of before?

you can but heres my deal, 1st off I only do it sparingly and not to kill myself I do it more for a good warmup after I do dynmaic stretching, so what I did was 10-15 min dynamic stretching and then 6-7 80% sprints varying in distance, 2nd I like to do them before to ramp my metabolism and as i mentioned these arent full out 100% sprints. But like I said I am playing with things to see how I like to do them and there order but I appreciate the suggestion!

Read these by Thib:

I realize its about losing weight which is what you are not aiming for…but here is the part of the article that is pertinent to you:

Anaerobic alactic energy systems work

Think “sprint”. Alactic means “without an accumulation of lactate”. As we saw earlier, lactate is maximized by intense efforts lasting 50-70 seconds. However, there’s still a good amount of lactate being produced in those lasting 30-40 seconds.

So when training in the alactic energy system, you should shoot for energy system work lasting 20 seconds or (preferably) less. I personally like 30 and 60m sprints for that purpose, in other words “speed work”. Speed/alactic work is much like strength work in that it’s all but impossible to efficiently train that capacity in a fatigued state. It’s also pretty metabolically and neurally draining. So for that reason you can’t perform the alactic session…

a) The day before a strength workout (as it will drain your CNS too much to maximise strength)

b) The day after a strength workout (for the same reason)

c) The day after a lactate-inducing workout (because of residual fatigue)

ok maybe I should do like light 1 -2 mile jogs before then instead??? Im gonna lift M W F so I could to that then and tuesday thursday do some more harder running + light plyos, sound better??

Oh, I don’t know man. I weight 280 pounds and I am 5’10" so I am not exactly fit. Just sharing what I read.

What I do now that i have started my weight loss is I get on the bike for 5 minutes on medium resistance just to get my blood pumping a little bit.

I do my work out.

Then I do cardio.

During my workout I drink Surge and about 18 BCAAs that way my body has plenty of fuel for my muscles.

ohh I got ya, yea im big on BCAAS too!! But I think that I will switch it up now to light 1-1.5 mile job before and then hit it hard. I found since I do fullbody workouts I have to get real loose!