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Swapping from Tren Ace to Tren E Mid Cycle

Due to this covid 19 situation my supplier has struggled to import ace from his trusted source he does however still have tren e. Got 2 vials was wondering what the best way to transition from tren a to tren e I was thinking mixing them so doing 75 mg of tren a and 25mg of tren e EOD in the same vial and eventually tapering off the acetate and just running tren e. This way i sorta maintain 100mg EOD.

open to any suggestions as ive never switched esters mid cycle of course id like to avoid it but due to the current situation it is not looking likely.

how much ace do you have left ?

3 quarters of a vial.

what i would do is…

take the tren a daily at 35 mgs till its gone, start taking the tren e (tmr) monday 5pm , thursday 6am , saturday 6am at 100 mgs each day

the tren e will have kicked in as your ace is gone