Swapping from the Greyskull LP?

So, I’ve been actively lifting for about 3 years now (Started late 2014) and started from nothing with SL 5x5. Over time I hit some plateaus with it and adjusted my training accordingly. Last year, I actually was forced to cut weight and start running much more than I normally would since I enlisted in the military. So after coming out of basic which was almost 3 months without training I got back to it immediately when I was given the chance. After all that time I was surprised to have actually shattered a lot of my old PRs just last year.

The reason I’m here now is that I’ve been program hopping lately, and wasn’t sure where to go from here. The program I’ve been more interested in and keeping up with in the last few months has been the Greyskull LP Powerlifting variant (3x3) + Arm Accesories, I usually try to get up to 80-90% 1rm for my work sets. The issue here is that I’m not making much progress with the program currently and am looking for something more geared toward both cardio conditioning and powerlifting.

Just for reference;
-BP: 295x3 (raw) / 315x2 (wrapped)
-SQ: 425x5 (raw) / 475x1 (wrapped)
-OHP: 185x3 (raw) / 200x1 (wrapped)
-DL: 500x5 (chalked) / 535x1 (w/ straps)

Welcome and thank you for your service!

The next step after Greyskull is usully somethng like Texas method but you’ve got very solid numbers so I would jump up to either of these, second one recommended by a few Special Forces posters in the past…


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